A Lebanese television network has played a satirical video – reminiscent of the tapes of Middle East beheading of Americans – featuring mock terrorists threatening to kill their hostage, whom they refer to as actress Demi Moore.

The comedy piece has the “terrorists” dressed in Arab kafiyahs and preparing large knives. They stand behind a seated actress with a blonde wig while one actor reads from a statement.

The video clip was recorded and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project, or MEMRI TV.

Says the lead “terrorist”:

Demi Moore

“The Association of Oppressed Viewers demands that the View TV station pay the sum of 100 U.S. dollars, no more, or else it will be forced to kill the hostage Demi Moore. You have from today until Monday, November 8, 2004, at 9:30 PM. You have been warned.”

In the next clip, a cell phone rings and the leader answers it.

“Hello, yes.

“We are Association of Oppressed Viewers.

“Who am I talking to?

“View TV?

“What did you do with the check?

“The director-general agreed to pay? Nice.

“Did the chairman of the board agree?

“Where was it transferred to? Ghusayn Al-Mazaji (‘Moody’)?

“Who is that?

“The financial manager?

“Put him through so I can talk to him.

“Hello, yes Mr. Mazaji? What about the check? Are you paying or not?

You don’t want to pay? Then we’ll kill the hostage Demi Moore!”

The background music increases in intensity as the leader approaches the woman with the knife. The screen goes black before the blade reaches the actress.

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