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The deluge of teeth-gnashing, hair-pulling grief-tormented hysteria washing over every liberal media outlet in the Milky Way Galaxy has reached a high-water mark with space-patrol talk about secession – as in the Kerry-voting “blue” states actually seceding from the United States. Here’s Geraldine Ferraro fomenting on Fox’s “Hannity & Colmes” Nov. 6:

You know what? Just let me make one point. You were talking about the map before. If indeed all those blue states all got together and seceded from the union, think what would be left for those red states, nothing. There would be no educational system. You would have nothing. What would be left to you? I mean, where is all of this talent in this country? It’s on both sides, the Northeast corridor.

We can shake our heads in laughable wonder at this and gloat about BDDs – Brain Dead Democrats. But their maniacally empty threat is a gift, as it creates a marvelous “teachable moment” whereby the LibDems can learn a lesson about their moral values.

Recall that it was Democrats who seceded the last time from America, in 1861. They were in full righteous fury defending the morality of slavery. Throughout the Confederate States, slavery was known as “the peculiar institution,” with the moral right to own human beings as personal property unquestioned and believed in with fanatical zeal. Just like abortion in the blue states today.

Shocked that “moral values” was the issue that defeated them and re-elected President Bush, the LibDems are bleating on every airwave they can ride that they have moral values, too. Yes, they certainly do – it’s just that some of those values are immoral, but not all. Confederate Southerners held many decent values – but on slavery they were morally wrong. No relativistic morals here, no “that’s just your opinion” situational ethics, no wiggles, hesitations or qualifiers. Slavery is immoral, period – even the LibDems agree.

Thus the teachable moment – for abortion is morally no different than slavery, the claim that one human being may own another as personal property to be disposed of if the owner so chooses.

Thus we need to refer to abortion as “the peculiar institution,” and Roe v. Wade as disgracefully unconstitutional as Dred Scott. Watch for this to happen. Watch for abortion advocates to be increasingly on the defensive as they are made to understand the moral equivalence between abortion and slavery.

This is a struggle that is going to get a lot uglier before it gets better. It will not, however, lead to any sort of secession or civil war. It requires no violence, just relentless repetition of this moral equivalence, as it finally begins to dawn on liberals that history will come to view advocacy of abortion as morally repugnant as advocacy of slavery.

Conservatives are on the verge of seizing the high ground of history on abortion. Arlen Specter — Arrogant Arlen — is groveling before them. Clarence Thomas will be the next chief justice. More and more politicians will see it safe to jump on the abortion=slavery bandwagon. Soon, the blood seeping from a wounded Roe v. Wade will be in the water, the feeding frenzy will be on and the constitutionally non-existent “right to privacy” chewed to shreds. The day is not that far off when school kids will be asking their history teacher puzzled questions as to how there was a time in America when people passionately defended the morality of a mother killing her own baby.

The dark chapter of America’s peculiar institution of abortion is coming to an end.

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