Speaking in the aftermath of the presidential election, Democrat radio host Garrison Keillor says he is on a quest to take away the right of born-again Christians to vote, saying their citizenship is actually in heaven, not the United States.

Keillor, host of the popular National Public Radio show “A Prairie Home Companion,” made the comments during a speech at Chicago’s Rockefeller Memorial Chapel and during his radio monologue the Saturday after the election.

According to a transcript of the show, Keillor said, “I am now the chairman of a national campaign to pass a constitutional amendment to take the right to vote away from born-again Christians. [enthusiastic audience applause] Just a little project of mine. My feeling is that born-again people are citizens of heaven, that is where there citizenship is, [laughter] is in heaven, it’s not here among us in America. …”

During the Chicago speech Nov. 3, Keillor described his reaction to the re-election of President Bush.

“I am a Democrat – it’s no secret. I am a museum-quality Democrat,” Keillor said. “Last night I spent my time crouched in a fetal position, rolling around and moaning in the dark.”

According to a report in the University of Chicago’s Chicago Maroon, Keillor told the audience: “If born-again Christians are allowed to vote in this country, then why not Canadians?”

The speech was part of a celebration of the opening of University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital. The facility is named after Gary Comer, who donated $21 million to the building of the $130 million state-of-the-art pediatric facility, the Maroon reported. Comer is founder of the clothing company Lands’ End, which sponsors “A Prairie Home Companion.”

Though Keillor’s comments about disenfranchising born-again Christians apparently was made in jest, posters on FreeRepublic.com were not amused.

“Replace ‘born-again Christians’ with ‘black people’ and Keillor should get a sense of the depths of his bigotry,” said on post.

Said another: “[Keillor] still has a radio program? I thought that his only gig was to put people into a deep state of sleep at hospitals just prior to major surgery.”

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