A new film distribution effort plans to offer documentaries and other DVDs to what it calls a “conservative-based market” in the U.S., it was announced yesterday.

The DVD Acquisition and Development Group Inc. has formed RightSide Video, which will focus exclusively on the acquisition and distribution of conservative programming, said the company in a statement.

“For the past several months, there has been a trend toward DVD programming for the conservative-based market,” said David Goodman, president of the parent company. “The majority of people in this country has just reaffirmed the mission of a plethora of filmmakers hungry to get their titles out on the market. This new DVD division is on track to meet the needs of the American public, and to finally give these filmmakers the opportunity to reach the majority.”

Herb Meyer created the first film offered by the new venture, “The Siege of Western Civilization.”

“It’s clear from the recent election results that our country is growing more conservative,” said Meyer. “This creates a powerful need for information and entertainment that resonates with this new majority, and RightSide Video was created specifically to meet these needs.”

Another film the new division will distribute is WND columnist Jack Cashill’s “MegaFix: The Dazzling Political Deceit That Led to 9/11.”

“We have always had the ability to create,” said Cashill. “Now we have the ability to distribute, and that can make all the difference.”

WorldNetDaily founder and Editor Joseph Farah also praised the effort.

“There is a real market for this kind of programming,” Farah stated. “We’re looking forward to working with RightSide Video on the distribution of upcoming titles.”

In February 2005, RightSide Video will release “Is It True What they say about Ann?” a documentary by Elinor Burkett and Patrick Wright that offers a candid, original, behind-the-scenes look at WND columnist and television commentator Ann Coulter.

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