Kevin Sites, the NBC cameraman who shot video of the controversial shooting of a Fallujah insurgent by a U.S. Marine, is an anti-war activist whose photographs of Iraqi prisoners are featured on at least one anti-war website.

Sites was embedded with the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment in Fallujah when he shot the video of the Marine shooting an injured enemy fighter in a mosque. From the dialogue on the footage, it appeared the Marines were unsure if the insurgent was dead or faking death. Some fighters in Iraq have feigned death only to pull out a weapon or blow themselves up to kill Americans.

The U.S. military is investigating the incident to determine what happened and what, if any, punitive action should be taken against the Marine.

Sites was serving as a pool cameraman, giving access to the video to many networks.

Images Against War is one website where Sites’ photography appears, giving two separate pages to his work. One of the pages, labeled “Kevin Sites 2,” features photos of captured Iraqis with one caption saying detainees on a truck were enduring “a long ride into uncertainty.” Most of the photos featured on the site engender sympathy toward U.S. enemy fighters and antipathy toward American military personnel.

Images Against War, which is based in Germany, has a comments page where posters have lashed out at Sites.

“The kindest things I can say about you is that you are a traitor and a terrorist sympathizer,” writes one poster. “I would say I feel pity for you, but that would be a lie. All I feel for you is disgust. … Shame on you. I look forward to the day that the betrayal of this Marine haunts your every moment.”

Dennis Karr posted: “Kevin Sites has to be the lowest of the low, a traitor for sure, only breathing right now because of our brave soldiers whom he surely hates.”

Wrote yet another: “Good luck riding along with our troops now … you’re going to need it.”

Sites also has his own blog. Here is part of his entry for Nov. 10, when he was accompanying Marines on their assault on Fallujah:

” The Marines I’m embedded with are nearly ebullient. This looks to be a cakewalk. One jokes they’ll be sipping ‘pina coladas by the Euphrates River by fifteen-hundred.'”

In his account, Sites describes dead Iraqis in detail and says the Marines are “operating with liberal rules of engagement.”

His site includes a disclaimer explaining he is a freelance journalist on assignment for NBC, “but this site is a personal website not affiliated with or funded by NBC News.”

Sites’ bio says he was captured by Iraqi Fedayeen militia outside Tikrit while traveling with Kurdish fighters and spent four hours in captivity before being released.

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