One of the reasons I waited so long to endorse President Bush, was because I know that some of the worst domestic and foreign policy initiatives in recent U.S. history have come under the watch and direction of Republican administrations.

It’s hard to imagine, for instance, that a Democrat president could have imposed wage and price controls on the American people as President Nixon did.

It’s hard to imagine that a Democrat president could have opened relations with the brutish, totalitarian, communist government in China as Nixon did.

It’s hard to imagine that a Democrat president could have fundamentally altered the U.S. relationship with Israel as the first President Bush did.

And, likewise, if John Kerry were elected president earlier this month, I suspect there would be general outrage from Republicans if one of his first acts was to throw the Boy Scouts off military bases because of their commitment to God.

If John Kerry were elected president, I suspect there would be general outrage from Republicans if one of his first initiatives was for coercive, mandatory mental-health screening for all children in the country without parental approval.

If John Kerry had been elected president, I suspect there would be much more concern being expressed about a Council on Foreign Relations effort to destroy U.S. sovereignty with an expansion of the North American Free Trade Agreement that analysts agree would effectively eliminate U.S. national borders.

In other words, radical plans are afoot. Radical actions are being taken by the Bush administration. And these insidious plots are progressing almost without criticism under the cover of the Bush administration.

So far, on the Boy Scout front, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has not even been forced to explain the Pentagon’s capitulation to a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union in that degenerate group’s continuing war on everything decent in this country. Was Rumsfeld involved in the decision? Does he approve of it? Will he review it for reversal? Was Bush informed before the Pentagon threw in the towel and abandoned the Boy Scouts to the quasi-legal terrorism of the ACLU?

No one is even asking the questions.

Then there is the issue of forced mental-health screening contained in legislation that could be approved in the U.S. Senate as early as this week. I wonder where the “civil libertarians” are on this one. Are they too busy persecuting the Boy Scouts to notice this Hillary Clinton-style power grab by the federal government and the imminent danger it poses to the individual rights of every American?

Do we as a people no longer believe in the simple principle that parents are in the best position to make decisions about the health and welfare of their children? Or have we as a nation decided that all children are wards of the state and only on loan to the custody and care of their parents? When did this national debate take place? How did I miss it? I know I missed the debate about abandoning the Constitution and its strict limits on what the federal government can do. I won’t even go there. But are American parents really ready to hand over the care of their kids to Washington?

And finally, there is the issue of national sovereignty, which may face its gravest threat yet under the direction of the Bush administration.

NAFTA had to be approved by a Republican Congress and now it appears that a dangerous initiative dubbed “NAFTA on steroids” may be championed by the Bush administration.

Officials from Canada and Mexico and the U.S. are meeting right now, drawing up the plans for this radical idea for virtually eliminating national borders and setting up a European Union-style approach to law enforcement, immigration policy and security. When those officials have cooked up the full plan, they will share it not with Congress, not with the president, not with the people, but with the Council on Foreign Relations.

Presumably, it will then be spoon-fed to the people in bits and pieces so they never really understand what is coming.

That’s why I am warning you what is coming.

And it will be coming, I suspect, with a wink and a nod from the Bush administration.

Do we still believe in the rule of law and the will of the people? Is this a firm principle behind which we stand regardless of who sits in the White House and who controls Congress? Are you ready to stand up and fight against these assaults on our Constitution, common sense and freedom?

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