In the minds of elite, white, liberal, socialist Democrats, there is an unambiguous dichotomy between Negroes and black conservatives. A glaring example of this truth is the racist bastardization of America’s newest secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. And the support for this racism from corporate America to Bob Beckel to rank and file Democrats in leadership.

Rice is one of America’s most accomplished individuals, notwithstanding women – as is Bush judicial nominee Justice Janice Rogers-Brown; as is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; as is Ambassador and senatorial candidate Alan Keyes; as is Ward Connerly, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Colin Powell and the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. The aforementioned comprise a very small number of a very large and ever increasing number of conservatives who happen to be black.

It is interesting to observe that these are not the impuissant or recreant. These are either the best or among the best in their respective fields. It is further interesting to note that these listed are not recognized because of financial impropriety, illegitimate children, drugs, philandering, number of abortions, race baiting or complaints of whites holding them back. They are recognized for their hard work, honesty, integrity and diligence. They are recognized for their educational accomplishments, their personal sacrifices and their love for country.

In a day and time of nihilistic, blame whitey, “somebody owes me something and can’t get ahead because I’m black” – these are the people elite liberals vilify and viciously ridicule – not based on issues, but based on their being black with conservative ideologies.

In a day when there are over 10 million fewer blacks under the age of 18 because of abortion alone, white racist liberals like Aaron McGruder, Gary Trudeau, Ted Rall, and John “Sly” Sylvester seek to humiliate Rice and Rogers-Brown.

Democrat campaign manager, long-time operative and extreme white, liberal, socialist Bob Beckel invoked a “Saturday Night Live” rendition of Scripture references while debating Ann Coulter regarding the hate-filled racist cartoons of Rice. But he didn’t invoke disdain – for the cartoons that is. His disdain was directed at Coulter for daring to argue in support of Rice.

This is not recrudence for elitist liberals and the Democrat Party – it is the continuation of that which they have stood for since their inception in 1840, when they wrote that efforts by abolitionists to interfere with questions of slavery … endangered the stability and permanency of the Union. In 1852, the Democrat Party wrote they would oppose all efforts to oppose slavery.

From 1876 until 1960, Democrats successfully blocked all progress in civil rights. Prior to that, from 1860 to 1876, Republicans were singularly responsible for all black civil-rights accomplishments despite fierce opposition by Democrats.

Much is made of the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision striking down state segregated education. What is never mentioned is that the Supreme Court ruling was a reinstating of what Republicans had done nearly 75 years earlier in their 1875 civil-rights bill, which was overturned by Democrats in 1880.

Liberal Democrats, aided by the true “house slaves,” railed against Trent Lott, R-Miss., for his jocund comments celebrating the late Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday. While Thurmond was at one time a segregationist Democrat, it receives little notice that he switched parties in 1964, denounced his prior leanings and was the first Southern senator to hire a black in his senate office – something no Southern Democrat had ever done.

Yet there is nothing mentioned by liberals per Christopher Dodd’s, D-Conn., superlatives about the racist Klansman, Robert Byrd, D-W.V. His comments that Byrd “would have been right for the Civil War” were accurate in his Democrat mind.

It was the Republican Party that was formed in 1854 expressly to combat slavery and secure civil rights for blacks. The Democrats were responsible for the Dred Scott decision declaring blacks were not persons – but property – and as such had no rights.

Contrary to popular myth and revisionist history, the Civil War was fought precisely because of slavery, and Klansman Byrd was an outspoken sympathizer for the Dred Scott Doctrine.

Byrd’s comments of knowing “white niggers” was nothing more than reducing whites he didn’t like to the level of blacks.

Herein lies the unfortunate truth: Liberal elites will suffer lecherous impotents like Jackson, Sharpton, the NAACP, Whoopi Goldberg and Danny Glover as long as they sing the right tune. Democrats like Harold McCall, Maynard Jackson and Harold Ford, D-Tenn., are quickly reminded of their proper place.

Erica from “Brenner, Ford, Monroe and Scott” in Chicago saw fit to tell me I was the reason “The black race couldn’t get along.” Does anyone believe for an instant that such liberal racism would be tolerated if even hinted by conservatives?

Independent thought, belief in meritocracy, self-initiative and self-determination are not words elite liberals are willing to accept from their black subjects. The question isn’t why would blacks be conservatives – the question is why would they ever be Democrats?

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