Maybe there’s something in the air, at long last. The conservative mandate of the recent election has a lot of “values voters” looking around, seeking to fix what’s broken in our country. John Fund wrote in the Wall Street Journal this week that it may be time to “shift the debate to another form of bias: The lack of intellectual diversity on campuses, whose faculties are overwhelmingly liberal.” Timely advice.

Tom Wolfe’s sensational new novel, “I Am Charlotte Simmons,” is a well researched, titillating, and shocking expose of sex on campus that could just as easily be a documentary – today’s colleges are sex pits. All of which confirms the premise of my new book, “Freefall of the American University,” in which I shocked readers and TV and radio audiences by saying:

  1. There’s no freedom of speech on college campuses;

  2. There’s no freedom of thought on college campuses;

  3. Universities are immoral places where the administration actually encourages unfettered sexual behavior of any and every sort;

  4. There’s a distinct anti-American bias on campus; and

  5. There is a surprising lack of learning going on, despite bright students.

American universities have been declining steadily since the 1960s, but no one seems to have noticed. They still look the same. The elite Eastern schools with their ivy-covered walls and winding pathways beneath ancient oaks still look as serene as ever. The privileged few who gain admittance are as bright as ever. But what’s going on inside those classrooms and dorms?

The standard courses that were once the hallmark of a Western education have all been jettisoned – out with the American Revolution, Shakespeare and the Great Books. There’s no such thing these days. Instead, Mom and Dad, you’ve mortgaged your home and your future so that Johnny and Susie can take courses in “How to Be Gay,” “Pornography Writing of Prostitutes,” and “Witchcraft and Politics.” And, no, these aren’t just the extracurricular courses. The average student can graduate from most colleges today, including the elites, without ever taking a serious course.

“Junk courses” have replaced solid studies, and there are almost no required courses anywhere. That university degree may be meaningless. And faculties are more like snobby clubs where no one passes muster to join up – unless, of course, the newcomer thinks and acts exactly like everyone else. And faculties usually have hiring control. They’re the gatekeepers of academia, and only the like-minded need apply.

As several recent surveys reveal, university professors are at least five times as likely to be liberal as conservative. In the humanities and the social sciences, it’s even more extreme. Sociology, for example, has 28 Democrat professors for every one Republican. And teachers don’t keep their politics to themselves: They won’t hesitate to intimidate their students.

Some colleges seem more like indoctrination centers than places to seek knowledge. Such institutions reflect nothing of the America that voted on Nov. 2. They lean overwhelmingly to the left, while 51 percent of American voters leaned right.

During my research, I traveled to universities all across America, from New England to Texas to California, talking to top professors and students. My book, “Freefall,” is full of these interviews, and much of it is shocking. The obvious conclusion is that America cannot produce the caliber of leaders it has in the past if the present level of de-education and anti-American bias persists.

Western Civilization is on the ropes. The knowledge that has been passed down for generations has been trashed, and intellectual junk food substituted. A great nation will perish for lack of knowledge, and that’s just where we’re headed.

The universities have made it immoral to be moral. When students want privacy, or if they don’t like the amoral activity around them, they’re deemed “intolerant,” “judgmental,” and in need of “sensitivity training,” which will often be forcefully provided.

Mom and Dad, did you really scrape up $100,000 or more so your child could explore “Sex Week” or “Coming Out Week”? Both are held annually on many campuses. And even if you don’t know anyone in college – or if you’re inclined to believe that none of this applies to you – you ought to be angry. As John Fund relates, half the budget of our public universities and at least 35 percent of the funding for private universities comes from taxpayers. Thanks to guaranteed student loans and government grants, that’s literally billions of dollars that you – the American taxpayers – are paying for the sham (and the shame) of “higher education.”

If more of us understood what students are learning on the university campus today, we would, as one professor cited in my book expressed it, “sue for breach of contract” and demand our money back. Not a bad idea.

Jim Nelson Black is senior analyst with Sentinel Research Associates in Washington, D.C., and author of the book “Freefall of the American University,” recently released by WND Books.

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