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An unclassified warning to all U.S. mission employees in Iraq urges cooperation in efforts to deny terrorists access to nuclear materials.

The warning begins by pointing out “illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive materials is a global problem.”

“Posts’ participation in investigating and reporting all alleged nuclear smuggling and illicit trafficking incidents is imperative as we seek to deny terrorist access to dangerous materials,” it continues. “The USG places a high priority on posts reporting all activities that could relate to a terrorist incident and documenting all smuggling incidents as fully as possible.”

One intelligence source found it strange the memo was distributed and even stranger that it called for reports about nuclear smuggling to be emailed to proper authorities.

“Imagine someone just discovered evidence of nuclear smuggling in Iraq or elsewhere in the world,” said the source. “Does the U.S. government really want that person emailing the information? Isn’t that what you would call a high-priority communication that should be dealt with immediately by the highest authorities?”

The warning continued: “The Iraq Survey Group (ISG) currently maintains the mandate to investigate and report on nuclear and other radioactive smuggling incidents. The ISG is in contact with the Interim Iraqi Government (IIG) in order to coordinate on any alleged smuggling incidents. Given the current security environment in Iraq, all incidents should be reported to the ISG.”

The report then provided a number of email addresses to be used to report nuclear smuggling incidents. No other forms of communication were offered.

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