Hollywood has once again employed the strategy of shock and awe to shake up America’s preconceived notions about sex and sexuality with the release of the new movie starring Liam Neeson, called “Kinsey.” The film is about the life of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, a bug scientist who changed his subject of study from the wasps to humans and not just any aspect of the human being – Kinsey was the first one to study human sexual habits.

He wrote volumes on human sexuality that included the study of thousands of human subjects across every socio economic, ethnic and religious strata. Naturally, the “right wing” is going completely nuts over the movie. They are taking to the airwaves to turn Dr. Kinsey into a homosexual pedophile. This is business as usual for the right wing – make baseless personal accusations in order to completely discredit the source and shift the focus away from the substantive issues. The right creates so much smoke, people naturally conclude there must be fire.

Kinsey was no more a homosexual pedophile then the man in the moon is. Kinsey was a scientist who carefully and completely compiled enormous quantities of data which disproved many of the fallacies around sex and sexual behavior. Kinsey did not attach any moral conclusions to human sexual behavior. He merely stated the facts.

The right wing gets their panties in ruffle, so to speak, by making the giant leap to say that Kinsey iadvocated promiscuous sexual behavior which may or may not include homosexual behavior. To make this statement is to reveal one’s lack of understanding of the role of science. Science, according to dictionary.com is “The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.” Kinsey simply made conclusions based on the observation of reality.

As he is quoted from the Kinsey Institute’s website: “We are the recorders and reporters of facts – not the judges of the behaviors we describe.” Kinsey was amoral, not immoral, and despite what some would like us to believe, there is a difference.

Kinsey’s conclusions about sexual orientation are the most threatening to the pre-conceived notions of those who would like to throw gay people under the bus. Kinsey concluded that sexuality can be measured on a scale, aptly named the “Kinsey scale” of sexual orientation. Kinsey concluded through scientific study of the human species that sexuality is not a necessarily a matter of being absolutely heterosexual or absolutely homosexual. He was the first researcher to show that human sexual behavior was complex and more complicated then the mid-century sex and marriage manuals made it to be.

Kinsey shattered the myths around human sexuality. His research was tantamount to discovering the Earth is not flat. Eventually, however, his science was muted by politics. Kinsey lost the oxygen he needed to keep his research alive when the grant money was pulled by those who could no longer stand the heat of being associated with such socially radioactive material.

The reason the right wing is trying to stop ‘Kinsey’ from being seen on the big screen is the same reason they stopped him when he was alive. Science never was and never will be the friend of the right wing. Science is “afriendly,” so to speak. When it is done properly, science is a “pure” measurement of reality. Good science does not allow itself to be manipulated by agenda.

Unfortunately, America is driven by agenda. For example, millions of Americans listen to the gospel according to James Dobson, who claims that homosexuality is the result of being brought up wrong. Dobson has no facts from which he can make this claim. Perhaps God told him this was true. James Dobson and his so-called Focus on the Family should be called, “Focus on Shame.”

Kinsey wasn’t interested in manipulating people. His research actually freed people. Perhaps that’s why over half a century later, the right wing still wants to suppress the Kinsey research. It’s much easier to create smoke than face the facts.

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