The European Union should not be fooled by Iran, which will “never” abandon its bid to make nuclear weapons, warned Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom yesterday.

Shalom told the EU’s Dutch presidency in a meeting at The Hague that while Israel welcomed a deal brokered earlier this month by Britain, France and Germany under which Iran claims it will suspend uranium-enrichment activities, Iran must still be closely watched and cannot be fully trusted.

“I told them we are very skeptical because we know what the real intentions of the Iranians are, we know that they will never abandon their dream to have a nuclear bomb,” Shalom said.

Asked whether Israel would attack Iran if they try to go nuclear, Shalom said, “Israel will do everything it can in a diplomatic way to stop the Iranians from having this nuclear bomb.”

Any further steps against Iran would need to be coordinated through the U.N. Security Council, which Israel would back, Shalom said.

The U.N.’s Vienna-based nuclear watchdog yesterday approved a resolution drafted by the EU endorsing Iran’s “total freeze of all uranium enrichment,” following Tehran’s agreement to include 20 disputed centrifuges in the suspension clause.

Just after the original EU deal with Iran was brokered, the National Council for Resistance, a grass-roots Iranian organization that has in the past accurately revealed the location of several of Iran’s nuclear projects, said Tehran was producing enriched uranium and testing biological and chemical warfare projects at a secret plant in northeast Iran that had not been disclosed to United Nations inspectors.

Military sources told WorldNetDaily the nuclear plant is hidden many feet below a development of luxury villas in the Iranian suburb of Nour in the Lavizan district of northeast Tehran. They say families of Iranian diplomats and top employees of Iran’s Modern Defensive Readiness and Technology Center live in the villas, which contain entrances to a subterranean nuclear facility used to produce weapons-grade uranium and test chemical and biological warfare agents.

Shalom stressed Iran is a threat to the world, not only to Israel.

The EU had “realized only recently that the Iranians are developing a new missile that will include in its range Paris, Berlin, London, the south of a part of Russia,” he said.

“So it’s not the problem of Israel anymore. I think that to give this regime, this tyranny, the ability to hold a nuclear bomb – it’s a nightmare, it’s a nightmare not only for Israel, it’s a nightmare for the entire world.”

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