The American Civil Liberties Union, the misnamed, extremist persecutors of the Boy Scouts of America, claims to be fighting to end taxpayer support of religious groups.

That was the excuse the ACLU used when it targeted the Boy Scouts use of military bases in a case in which the Pentagon caved into the neo-Talibanists of secular humanism.

But the dirty little secret the ACLU doesn’t want you to know is that it, too, received significant funding of its jihad against Judaism, Christianity and the monotheistic roots of Western Civilization from the federal, state and local governments.

And now that we know how easily government capitulates to the threat of lawsuits, it’s time for someone to start suing over taxpayer support of this degenerate group of God-hating perverts.

It would be that easy to shut off a major funding source to the ACLU – your hard-earned tax dollars.

There are several ways Congress could do this very easily, with minor changes in the law. Since so many members of Congress – nearly all of them are on record in opposing the Defense Department’s appeasement of the ACLU, maybe one of these brave souls should move to change the civil-rights statute that permits the ACLU from collecting attorney fees from governments the organization takes to court., a website dedicated to stemming judicial activism, is petitioning Congress to change 42 U.S.C., Section 1988, of the United States Code that permits judges to award attorney fees to plaintiffs in civil-rights cases brought against local governments, thereby putting the taxpayers on the hook and oftentimes funneling public money to the ACLU. Simply changing the law so the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment would not apply could deprive the ACLU of millions of taxpayer dollars.

For instance, when the ACLU takes a city to court claiming a Christmas display violates the Establishment Clause, if the municipality loses, the city’s taxpayers are often forced to pay ACLU attorneys. This law now creates an incentive for the ACLU to file ever more challenges of this kind. Do you want to know why the ACLU lawyers file these ridiculous lawsuits by the dozens? Because they get paid to do it – by you.

Another way to take the financial incentive out of these suits legislatively is by passing a law that cuts back the standing of the ability to bring Establishment Clause claims. Currently, anyone who is offended by what they see, a Ten Commandments display, a manger scene, a Christmas tree or a menorah, can bring suit.

Nowhere else in litigation is it so easy to make a claim. In most other areas of the law, you need to have a personal, direct injury.

The American Legion is calling on Congress to eliminate the financial incentives for the ACLU in Establishment Clause cases. It’s about time we get behind this effort.

It’s time to shut off the money supply to the ACLU. This is the first step to destroying the evil organization – putting a stake through its heart.

Why should the people of the United States, through their Congress, be giving away millions of dollars to the ACLU so that the twisted legal minds of that organization can subvert our laws and impose their agenda on the rest of us?

We can give this dangerously seditious group no quarter any longer. The ACLU can not be tolerated. It is a hate group that supports the North American Man-Boy Love Association, an organized band of pedophiles and child rapists, while attacking the Boy Scouts.

It’s time to demand every member of Congress choose sides – the ACLU or the Boy Scouts.

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