Hindsight is most often 20-20, but we should have seen it coming. It started in 1962 with Engel v. Vitale. It was followed in 1963 with an 8-1 Supreme Court ruling on consolidated cases from Philadelphia and Maryland. And now, today, we have a public-school principal declaring it unconstitutional for a teacher to teach factual American history – namely the Declaration of Independence, and the writings of George Washington, John Adams and William Penn.

Some may debate 1962 as the unofficial “terminus a quo” or point of origin, but there can be no debate per the “terminus ad quem,” i.e., the goal/purpose of those who initiated this evil pattern. It is the complete eradication of all reference(s) to our Judeo-Christian God.

But are we really prepared to do what it takes or are we more interested in wringing our hands, while contributing hundreds of millions of dollars in support of losing causes?

We can take back our schools by starting our own and supporting those already started. The apostle Paul wrote: “What accord hath Christ with be’lial? Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?” He quoted the Lord in saying, “[We] are to come out from among them, and be ye separate …” (2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1).

It may be late in the game, but it is not too late to follow God’s instruction. I am convinced that if the likeminded were to focus their energies and monies on these things, we can sound a death knell for the invidious appeal of social casting pursuant to where one’s child attends school or university.

If the National Education Association and its minions want to continue their vile inclusion of the homosexual agenda into public education, let them. If atheists and mindless marplots insist on mythical provisions that never existed, let them.

Judeo-Christian spending power is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Just what can they do for us that we cannot do for ourselves – without stipulations? Why must we wrestle with marsupial-like infidels? Why must we wage costly court battles to retain the right to ask God’s blessing on our food; to not have our children subjected to the loathsome homosexual agenda in grades K–5; to not have our daughters taught how to deceive their parents; to have our children taught without bias and prejudice of agenda-driven professors? Why fight for our children to celebrate Christmas, but not Ramadan or Kwanzaa? Why would anyone – much less a Christian – continue to send their children to such institutions?

Within a system of such schools, we would be free to teach, provide higher standards and better practices than we can ever hope for in public schools, no matter what infrequent victories the courts grant us.

Every facet of public school system has been negatively affected since the anti-God rulings in 1962 and 1963. It doesn’t matter what those who revel in those rulings say – the proof of the matter is as follows:

  • Pregnancy rates for ages 15-19 girls are up.

  • Pre-marital sex for ages 15-18 girls is up.

  • Sexually transmitted diseases for ages 10-14 are up.

  • Rape arrests for ages 13-15 and 13-18 boys are up.

  • Assault arrests for ages 13-15 and 13-18 boys are up.

  • Murder arrests for ages 13-18 are up.

  • Attitudes toward rape have changed indicating it is selectively permissible.

  • Divorce rates are up.

  • Single-mother households are up.

  • SAT total test scores are down.

  • SAT verbal test scores are down.

  • Public school expenditures per student have dramatically increased.

These are but the tip a larger iceberg – a statistic that one sees repeatedly is private schools, Christian schools and homeschooled children are more academically advanced than their public school counterparts, with a negligible percentage of the ills of public-school students.

I grow increasingly convinced that to continue in such patterns is both wrong and wasteful. Let us support homeschooling communities. Let us build more of our own schools, colleges and universities. Let us provide an atmosphere and climate where qualified teachers can teach and be rewarded for their efforts.

The question is will we continue to bemoan the evil surrounding us or will we initiate God-oriented standards? I submit that if we build them, they indeed will come. There is a reason that many unbelieving parents are sending their children to Christian private schools. It is because they want the best for them. They, too, are tired of having their tax dollars pay for the brainwashing of their children. They value more the pledge to our flag than they do homosexuals conducting sensitivity classes or sex-ed classes that demonstrate how to use condoms … for grade schoolers.

In the final analysis it is up to the people: Do you want to continue down the present path of damnable heterodoxy or prepare for our children’s future according to God’s plan?

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