With gold reaching a 16-year high of $456.75 today in the wake of the dollar’s new low against the euro, WND has decided to offer readers a complete, authoritative and reader-friendly guide to gold.

Craig R. Smith’s acclaimed guide to the yellow stuff – “Rediscovering Gold in the 21st Century: The Complete Guide to the Next Gold Rush – documents how America’s financial climate changed dramatically as the 21st century was born. Gone were the not-stop skyrocketing markets of the ’90s, and gone too were the dot-com gurus predicting endless growth without earnings or profits.

“Sadly,” says Smith, “individual stockholders ignorant of the most basic economic principles – like asset diversification and knowing the difference between savings and investment – lost more than $4 trillion last year alone! Ouch!”

But, he adds, it’s never too late to change direction. “Rediscovering Gold in the 21st Century” was written to help readers:

  • Learn how and why to diversify assets based on historical principles.

  • Understand why gold is timeless wealth and the basis for all money.
  • Discover today’s exciting and profitable U.S. rare coin market.

The CEO of Swiss America and a popular talk-show guest, Smith is known for explaining the root issues behind the social and economic trend-shifts of the 21st century, and is featured regularly on Fox News, CNNfn, CNBC and Bloomberg for market news analysis and weekly commentary.

The book includes chapters on: “A Short History of Gold,” “Gold: Bullion vs. Rare,” “Introduction to U.S. Rare Coins,” “U.S. Rare Coin Cycles” and “The Amazing Story of U.S. Gold Commemoratives.”

Then, in the section on “Global Economic Trends,” Smith discusses hot-button topics such as: “Wall St.: Investing or Gambling?,” “Inflationary Trends,” “Unlimited Money Supply = Zero Savings,” “A Confidence Crisis,” “Goldgate: The Gold Derivative Banking Crisis” and “The GATA Lawsuit.”

“While most pundits are proclaiming that ‘gold is dead’ as a viable investment, I beg to differ,” says Smith. “My goal is to give the reader a simple roadmap to get ready for sweeping change in the gold and U.S. coin markets that will surprise virtually everyone.”

“Crisp, concise – an instant classic! ‘Rediscovering Gold in the 21st Century’ announces the beginning of a new ‘golden era.’ Craig’s financial advice is like 24-karat gold – tested and pure. I’ve trusted Mr. Smith with a portion of my assets over the last decade and I suggest that you consider doing the same over the next decade.” –Pat Boone, entertainer

“Craig Smith is, above all else, a committed Christian man. To get godly financial advice is a great blessing to all of us. Craig was ‘the voice of one crying in the wilderness’ when he predicted the tech-wreck was coming. The best advice I can give to my listeners and to you: listen to his advice now, before you lose another dollar.” –Warren Duffy, host, “Live From LA,” KKLA

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