Ellen Ratner is “liberally ignorant.”

As a proud left-wing hysteric, Ratner should be especially popular now, having hopped aboard the million-dollar publicity bandwagon to “resurrect” Kinsey as a Hollywood idol.

Alfred Kinsey published “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” (1948) and “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” (1953). These were Rockefeller-funded fictions, masquerading as the “real” story of American sexual conduct, for which Kinsey and his Indiana University boy-toys claimed to have “interviewed thousands of human subjects.”

Kinsey was a pathological liar – so were his handsome buddies, chosen from the academic casting couch. And these were their better qualities.

Kinsey and company lied to the world, including our lawmakers, about normal human sexuality. We changed our behavior and our laws based on these lies.

He said it was science.

It was fraud.

Bad data produce bad results.

We’ve all paid dearly for Kinsey’s bad data.

Now sex is everywhere and 58,200 children under age 18 were kidnapped – not by family members – from our streets in 1999, most returning home sexually abused. Nor does the 418 percent increase in “forcible” rape and the 523 percent increase in unmarried births circa 1960 to 1999 reflect “Victorian prudery.”

Kinsey cooked his “data,” tossed out what he didn’t like (75 percent in fact) and did all that while slipping in and out of gay baths and beds as he wooed pedophiles (really, pederasts) to rape up to 2,035 infants and children for him and his “findings.”

He said that no women were ever harmed by rape, that 95 percent of our men were wildly promiscuous and 10 percent to 37 percent sometime homosexual. All this while American dads, brothers and husbands fought and died overseas so Kinsey could keep his boyfriends deferred, close to him and his attic, at home.

Great pioneer, he.

Like most liberals, Ratner thinks Hollywood moguls have the moral edge to teach us less savvy right-wing, sexually negative and repressed folks about “sex and sexuality.”

Ratner is ignorant. She should read Kinsey’s books. She’d do well to read mine, but at least read Kinsey.

The new Fox Searchlight movie starring Liam Neeson, called “Kinsey” is not, as Ratner claims, about “the life of Dr. Alfred Kinsey.” Had she read even one of Kinsey’s books, she would know the film plays Kinsey as a sexually revolutionary Indiana Jones.

Kinsey was not a scientist.

He was a barbaric criminal sexual psychopath who hid his own sexual disorders and crimes and that of his “mates” from the world while claiming to reveal the truth about everyone else’s sexual life.

He was the biggest hypocrite in scientific history. But that’s the good part.

Ratner says, “Kinsey does not attach any moral conclusions to human sexual behavior.” That statement is sufficient proof that Ratner is either illiterate or she found the man’s text too difficult to read and stopped at the cover page.

Ms. Ratner quotes a definition of “science” as “the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.”


But then she says, “Kinsey is simply making conclusion based on the observation of reality.” Even if Ratner’s granddaddy was an adulterer, that does not make Kinsey’s “data” on male adultery true.

No, Kinsey created the myths around human sexuality that are now killing us. Ratner needs more oxygen when she says, “science is a “pure” measurement of reality. Good science [like Kinsey’s] does not allow itself to be manipulated by agenda.”


Rapists commonly insist their victims had “orgasms.” Ms. Ratner, go and proudly get Kinsey’s “Male” volume at the library. Find page 180 and tell the WND readers what you read as Table 34! Tell them!

Explain that Kinsey writes there that a 5-month-old had “3 orgasms,” an 11-month-old, he says, had 14 “orgasms” in 38 minutes, a 2 1/2-year-old with two alleged “orgasms” a minute, a 4-year-old with 6 “orgasms” in 5 minutes, a 4-year-old with 26 orgasms in 24-hours; “scientifically.” Read Tables 30 through 34 describing the “speed” in split seconds of infant “orgasms” and then pronounce yourself “proud.”

Then read and ponder Kinsey’s “agenda” in what he called an “orgasm” on pages 160-161. Report that he writes about how his pedophiles experimented on 196 boys, all under age 13, around the clock. Tell the truth! Kinsey swore these children experienced “orgasms” as:

violent convulsion … mouth distorted, sometimes with tongue protruding; whole body or parts of it spasmodically twitching, sometimes synchronously with throbs or violent jerking of the penis … violent convulsions of the whole body; … sobbing, or more violent cries, sometimes with an abundance of tears (especially among younger children) … hysterical laughing, talking, sadistic or masochistic reactions … extreme trembling … sometimes fainting of subject … Pained or frightened … some … suffer excruciating pain … will fight … may make violent attempts to avoid climax, although they derive definite pleasure from the situation [my emphasis]

If you are afraid to read my books on Kinsey, read nothing else but these pages and Kinsey’s charts documenting infant “orgasms” based on the “evidence” of child rapists.

After you have done this, Ms. Ratner, you can publicly apologize to any who have listened to you and to all whose honor you have besmirched. Next, you can do the logical thing and demand a congressional investigation of the Kinsey Institute for their decades of cover-up and, finally, judicial seizure of their files!

By the way, ask yourself how did Kinsey “collect … early adolescent sperm” and a boy’s “first ejaculate” from a diary?

I am waiting.

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