A television watchdog group is hammering the Federal Communication Commission for refusing to take action against two networks for featuring sexually graphic content on TV shows.

The Parent Television Council, or PTC, says the content is so explicit that when it submitted an ad including the language to major newspapers, all publications rejected it.

According to a statement from the group, PTC members filed complaints with the FCC about the content of FOX’s “Keen Eddie” and the WB’s “Off Centre” in 2003, and the FCC rejected both complaints last week.

By denying the complaints, the FCC is saying it believes the content is suitable for America’s children, PTC contends.

“This is revolting,” said the group’s president, Brent Bozell, in the statement. “When did the concept of hiring a prostitute to have sex with a horse become an acceptable community standard? Chairman [Michael] Powell, when did filth like this become decent? American families deserve more from the FCC in protecting our children from overtly indecent content.”

To prove its point, PTC submitted a proposed ad that included the content from both shows to USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. All of them rejected the ads.

The group says the Los Angeles Times called the ad “too explicit.” USA Today said, “Our newspaper is distributed in schools and we too believe children shouldn’t be reading such material.” The Washington Post said that the ad is “not acceptable for family viewing.” And the New York Times stated, “There are a number of words and descriptions in this advertisement that we do not accept in this newspaper.”

Said Bozell: “The policies of these newspapers are not just reasonable, they are commendable. Isn’t it the ultimate irony that these newspapers, which are read overwhelmingly by adults, enforce standards to protect adults from sexually graphic content, yet Chairman Powell gives the green light to let children view the same content?

“Once again the FCC has failed to do its job.”

The Fox program included the dialogue about the horse, while the WB’s show featured a doctor speaking to his male patient about the downside of being uncircumcised.

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