The political left in America is seething with anger, and they are taking out their frustrations by initiating attacks against those they resent. This week, the target of choice was groups who have benefited from President Bush’s emphasis on abstinence education.

Abstinence educators and organizations were slated to receive $250 million in federal funding in 2005. When the president’s budget was sent to Congress, it got whittled down to $168 million, but still was a record for abstinence groups which had been all but shut out until the Bush administration.

This week, Congressman Henry Waxman, D-Calif., released a report which garnered harsh headlines in the nation’s newspapers.

Ceci Connolly, who is a liberal pundit when it comes to her appearances on television, pretended to offer an “objective” news story of the Waxman report in the Washington Post. Essentially rehashing the talking points of the Waxman report, Connolly’s story ran with the headline “Some abstinence programs mislead teens …”

Whether it was the faulty conclusions of the heavily politically motivated report – or the parrots like Connolly who repeated the claims, the impact of the report seems to have been that abstinence groups lie to teens (thereby implying that they are hurting them in the process).

In Connolly’s piece, she quotes Waxman saying:

I don’t think we ought to lie to our children about science. Something is seriously wrong when federal tax dollars are being used to mislead kids about basic health facts.

It seems some of the “objectionable facts” that Waxman’s “investigators” spent time focusing on were whether or not women can become sterile from an abortion, whether or not condom failure rates are 15 percent or 30 percent, and whether or not it is possible for a teen to become pregnant through mutual masturbation.

All of these facts are easily provable – even a basic introduction to the numbers from the Centers for Disease Control say so.

Dr. Joe McIlhaney’s most worthy organization, the Medical Institute for Sexual Health, called the congressman’s act “sad.” Speaking on my radio show, McIlhaney said:

With the drop we have seen in teenage pregnancy in the last three years, it is obvious after years of being unable to move the teen pregnancy numbers – we have finally begun to move in the right direction

Karen Malec of the Coalition on Abortion-Breast Cancer Awareness added that abortion procedures have long lead to not only an increase in the risk of future sterility for women but also “pre-term” birth future pregnancies and that leads to an additional risk of breast cancer – since it is medically well known that the breasts develop their strongest immunity toward cancer cells by going through a full third-term of pregnancy.

Libby Gray is the spokesperson for Project Reality, one of the most successful and longest serving abstinence-education organizations based in Chicago. Gray stated that the Waxman report was not only inaccurate in the detailed “falsehoods” it reports the abstinence curricula of using, but that the report itself is a purposefully false report designed to do one thing: undermine the dollars going to such organizations.

Waxman and his cronies are jealous because they despise seeing dollars being taken away from their contributors like Planned Parenthood.

In short, Waxman and his “investigative lackeys” are trying more than anything to get the message out that “abstinence doesn’t work.”

So what – in his mind – would?

“Comprehensive Sex Education,” Waxman said.

What’s that?

Telling your kids, on public tax dollars, every possible sexual act that minds could think up – and then throwing condoms at them and saying, “Have fun kiddos”.

And since it worked so well in the past … (sarcasm)

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