When the press writes of my findings that Alfred Kinsey carried out pedophile crimes against infants and children for his books, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” (1948) and “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” (1953), Kinsey’s apologists usually cry foul. They insist I have no “proof” that Kinsey himself, personally, raped and sodomized any of the 317 to 2,035 infants and children tortured to launch the “sexology field.”

Anyway, he was a great pioneering researcher, they all say.

Even the smilingly bespeckled “conservative” John Leo defends Kinsey. In his TownHall article “A Look at Kinsey” (Nov. 15, 2004) Leo chides “outraged conservatives” for repudiating Kinsey. Leo finds Kinsey “an unusually skilled interviewer whose question-and-answer techniques heavily influenced the way polls and surveys are done today … Kinsey got there first, and deserves credit for it,” he adds.

Not so. Others did sex studies before Kinsey.

The Indiana professor was a propagandist, not an interviewer.

Several of the Kinsey subjects I have interviewed said, “We told Kinsey what he wanted to hear.” They said they laughed for weeks remembering Kinsey’s eyes as they made up wild lies about their sex lives. One elderly gentleman Kinsey interviewed with some body-building beach buddies – when they were about 16 years of age – scoffed: “We didn’t understand what he was talking about. We got paid, so we said “yes,” “sure.” “He seemed satisfied. We left after about 10 minutes with a few dollars in our pockets.”

A woman interviewee experienced years of depression after her interview with the “objective investigator.” As the sex “expert,” Kinsey undermined everything the co-ed’s Orthodox Jewish parents had taught her about the beauty of sexual love in marriage. After her college friends were “interviewed” by Kinsey and company, they immediately bought dime-store marriage rings, called their boyfriends and had sex that night. Her own life was tragically, unalterably changed after Kinsey’s “unusually skilled interview.”

Forcing a subject

Shocking evidence of Kinsey’s “interviewing techniques” are in his “Male” volume. On page 55, Kinsey talks about “Forcing a Subject.” He writes that “forcing” the right answer was an important part of his “technique.” Kinsey (a clinically definable sexual psychopath remember) said one must threaten to end the interview and “denounce the subject with considerable severity” to get the right answers. If force did not work, Kinsey told “the investigator” to “find some means of measuring” the “cover-up in each part of his data.”

That is, his elitist sex pioneers could use a “measure” to make people’s answers read the way they wanted. The Kinsey and company “interviewing technique” Mr. Leo blindly advocates would be understood today as fraud and criminal harassment. This “technique” explains why Kinsey never reported any serious “rape” among the 4,441 women he claimed to have interviewed … so skillfully.

Mr. Leo was also quite droll, claiming, “Conservatives seem quaint when they argue that Kinsey’s two reports … should never have been done. Someone was going to do a big sexual survey pointing out the gap between what sex really was in America and what the culture thought it should be …”

What sex really was in America before Kinsey

In 1948, abortion was criminal and contraceptives largely reserved for the married. Yet, Kinsey reported that 25 percent of wives and 87 percent of single pregnant women aborted. He said 95 percent of normal American men were sex criminals, that 10 percent to 37 percent of American men were engaged in homosexual sodomy, 50 percent in adultery, 85 percent in “fornication” and 69 percent used prostitutes (this was not Tom Brokaw’s “The Finest Generation”). If Kinsey’s “data” were real (not Tom’s), where were our sexual diseases and sexual crimes?

Kinsey reported no harm from rape, or sexually transmitted diseases, no child sexual abuse and a 6 percent “illegitimacy” rate. Absent contraception and abortion in 1948, we should have had much higher incidence of “illegitimacy,” venereal disease – and sex-crime rates – than 50 years later. A little common sense, please!

Despite a population increase of 41 percent since 1960, we had, said William J. Bennett (USA Today), “a greater than 400 percent hike in illegitimate births; a tripling of the percentage of children living in single-parent homes; a threefold increase in teenage suicides; a doubling in the divorce rate … illegitimacy will [soon] surpass divorce as the main cause of fatherlessness in the U.S.”

Moreover, violent sex crimes increased exponentially over other violent crime. From 1960 to1999, while murder increased 70 percent, robbery 279 percent and aggravated assault 168 percent, forcible rape (excluding rapes of children under 12) increased 418 percent.

And venereal disease? Each year, we get: 70,000 new cases of syphilis and 650,00 of gonorrhea; roughly 64,000 new AIDS cases, 3 million cases of chlamydia, 5 million cases of trichomoniasis, 1 million cases of genital herpes, 5.5 million cases of human papillomavirus, plus roughly 20 other STDs. Gone are the pre-Kinsey days of “only” syphilis and gonorrhea (2001 NIH Report on Condom Effectiveness).

Bigger rape than murder increase

Let’s add, depending on how one counts,1,311 percent to 15,185 percent more child sex-abuse reports from 1976 to 1999. Exaggarated? Hardly.

In September 2001, University of Pennsylvania researchers found an estimated a minimum of 350,000 U.S. children age 17 or under used as “prostitutes, performers in pornographic videos” and as victims of other “commercial sexual exploitation.” We should ask the causes of a 600 percent increase in juvenile crime from 1960 to 1996 – early child sexual abuse being a common precipitating factor in sexual and general crime.

Despite the increasing parental restriction of children’s freedom of movement in the last few decades, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children reported 58,200 children kidnapped from our streets and playgrounds by non-family members in 1999 alone – roughly half of these victims having been sexually abused, 11,000 of them while under age 12.

Add the more than 100 children raped and murdered each year and note that 67 percent of our sex-abuse victims are now under age 18 and 34 percent under age 12.

John Leo was the Time reporter who first had me interviewed in 1981 on Kinsey’s child-sex experiments. After he was told by Paul Gebhard that all Kinsey’s child rape data came from one “omniphile,” Time cancelled his article.

Now Leo exhibits a disingenuously coy contempt for those who are “outraged” at the Kinsey crimes.

Outraged critics of Kinsey often focus on Table 34 of the male book. It lists the sexual responses of children acquired from one of Kinsey’s sources, a pedophile who kept detailed records of his child rapes [wrong] … We have no evidence that Kinsey and his team conducted or approved of any child rapes [wrong]. He just used the records of pedophiles [wrong] … Does this mean that children should be able to have sex with adults? Kinsey didn’t say [wrong] …”

Mr. Leo should have read Kinsey’s and my books, or he should have screened the British documentary “Kinsey’s Paedophiles.” Here, Kinsey’s co-workers confess Kinsey and company’s solicitation, enthusiastic support and publication of his child rapists’ “data.”

After all, they were Kinsey’s “team”:

  • The five headmasters in the Princeton area, who were having sex with their boy students, were on Kinsey’s “team.”

  • Esther White’s father, reporting his incest on Kinsey’s questionnaire and via cinema, was on Kinsey’s “team.”

  • Rex King, who raped 800 infants and children and who continued to do so after Kinsey’s friendly visit, was on Kinsey’s team.

  • The German Nazi child rapist, Fritz von Balluseck, was on Kinsey’s “team.”

  • And the pre-NAMBLA (North American, Man-Boy Love Association) group Kinsey befriended, they too were on his “team.”

We have more proof of Kinsey’s “hands on” child abuse than we have that Hitler, Stalin, or Mao personally murdered any of the millions of their victims.

The evidence for Kinsey’s posthumous indictment is overwhelming. Beyond Kinsey “collecting … early-adolescent sperm” and their “first ejaculate” from his victims, Kinsey’s co-author, Paul Gebhard admitted in the British TV documentary that he, Kinsey, and their fellow researchers knowingly solicited and then collaborated with criminal pedophiles.

In the British production, “Kinsey’s Paedophiles,” Gebhard, as former director of the Kinsey Institute, states: “It was illegal and we knew it was illegal, but it’s very important to study childhood sexuality …”

Gebhard also confirmed in a 1992 phone interview that several pedophiles timed what they called “child orgasms” with stop watches “at our suggestion.” Gebhard said that “we would ask them to watch it, and take notes, and … report back to us.”

One of these “researchers” was the notorious pedophile the Kinsey team named “Mr. X,” later located and documented by the British TV crew as “Rex King.”

According to Kinsey co-author and boy-toy Wardell Pomeroy, King had had sex with over 800 children. Gebhard informs us that he “had sex with men, women, children and animals.”

This was just the kind of “expert” who really excited Kinsey. Another formal Kinseyan biographer, James H. Jones writes that, “Kinsey considered [King] not merely a sexual phenomenon but a scientific treasure.”

Kinsey colleague Vincent Nowlis says that Kinsey looked on King as a “hero” because “the guy had the courage and the ingenuity and the sexual energy and the curiosity to have this fantastic multi-year odyssey … and never get caught.”

On Nov. 24, 1944, four years before Kinsey’s first book was released with the fraudulent child sex data, Kinsey wrote his favorite rapist “researcher” a wooingly engaging and encouraging letter to keep these child “orgasms” coming! “I rejoice at everything you send, for I am then assured that much more of your material is saved for scientific publication.”

We need many more Americans still capable of “outrage” at mass child rapists being defined as scientists; at men who conned the Western world into believing children are sexual from birth and can “derive definite pleasure” from incest and sex with adults.

Shame on you, Mr. Leo. You should have read Kinsey.

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