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Angels photographed
over nation's capital?

Close-up image of mysterious objects

WASHINGTON – Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Was it a sign from heaven?

That’s what Carrie Devorah wants to know after she inadvertently photographed some mysterious blue light images hovering heavenward while taking pictures of the lighting of the Chabad menorah on the first night of Hanukkah last night on the Ellipse in the nation’s capital.

Mysterious blue images captured during menorah lighting in Washington, D.C.

“I took this shot as I was walking to get into place,” she said. “For those of you who know D.C., you will recognize the two red lights to the left as being from the Washington Monument. And you will know there is no building that tall to the right of the menorah where the two blue images are.”

Are they lens refractions? Are they planes from National Airport? Devorah isn’t sure.

“I was fascinated by the stage light silhouetting the menorah,” the photographer explained. “So I walked as close as I could – shot with my wide angle lens. … I noticed the blue images when I returned home.”

Devorah says she took three photographs in sequence and the blue images – the mystery lights – are ascending in the sequence.

Devorah was in the news last spring when her brother Chezi was killed in a terrorist bus bombing in Israel.

She wrote about her experience and her loss in a WorldNetDaily commentary.

Still feeling the loss, Devorah takes comfort from the mysterious lights.

“Messiah? A sign? Blue angels?” she asks rhetorically. “All I know is it was fortuitous on a day I was needing to see … one set of footsteps in the sand, a sign I am being carried.”

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