If several online polls had had any influence on the deliberations in Congress of late, the House-passed intelligence reform bill likely would have included a prohibition on states giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

One of the issues holding up the bill last week was the licenses-for-illegals matter. Some Republicans, led by House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner, wanted a prohibition on driver’s licenses for illegal aliens put into the legislation. The bill contains several other driver’s license standards newly imposed on states.

In a Wall Street Journal poll, 87 percent of respondents said “no” to the question: “Should illegal immigrants be eligible for driver’s licenses?”

In a recent WND poll, over 90 percent of respondents chose an answer that opposed driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

And in an online CNN poll, 85 percent answered “no” when asked: “Do you believe the intelligence reform bill must contain a provision that prevents illegal aliens from obtaining driver’s licenses?”

Another poll on the website of KATU-TV in Portland, Ore., asked if illegal aliens should be allowed to work in the U.S. under a guest-worker program. Seventy-nine percent of participants said “no.”

Despite the lopsided polls on the Internet, leaders in Congress did not include the license prohibition for illegal aliens in the final version of the bill.

The House of Representatives passed the bill last night, and the Senate is expected to follow suit today.

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