A group that is working to get the United Nations kicked out the U.S. is joining a battle to prevent the U.N. from expanding its headquarters in New York City.

Currently, there are several efforts under way to block the U.N.’s expansion and renovation of its building. Move America Forward has thrown its weight behind lawmakers and other community leaders to prevent the U.N. from growing in New York.

The United Nations’ plan calls for a new 35-story building built on a park and the renovation of its current 52-year-old main headquarters.

Former California Republican Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian, co-founder of Move America Forward, says blocking expansion is the “best hope” for getting the U.N. out of the U.S.

The New York State Senate has for now blocked legislation allowing for the U.N. expansion plans, Move America Forward pointed out in a statement. New York City Council members have also risen up to join the effort to block the U.N.’s plans, and several community groups have become involved.

“The United Nations has been a horribly unappreciative guest,” Kaloogian said. “We gave the U.N. the land and the building they currently operate in. And what kind of appreciation does the U.N. show? United Nations officials stiff New York City to the tune of millions of dollars in unpaid parking tickets and taxes, and U.N. General Secretary Kofi Annan calls the United States ‘one of the least generous’ countries in the world.”

Added Kaloogian: “We support the efforts of New York state and local officials to block the U.N.’s expansion and refurbishment plans and we will work side by side with them to help them succeed.”

As WorldNetDaily reported, last month Move America Forward debuted a 60-second commercial slamming the U.N. for the oil-for-food scandal and calling for its ouster from U.S. soil.

“Billions of dollars intended for humanitarian aid instead went to pay the families of Palestinian terrorists, and to buy weapons for Iraq-based terrorists,” states the TV ad. “Millions more went to bribe journalists and officials in countries opposing Operation Iraqi Freedom, like France, Germany and Russia, the most vocal critics of the war. What a coincidence.”

The group is asking concerned citizens to sign its online petition which will be delivered to President Bush and leaders of Congress, as well as the U.N.

The petition concludes by stating, “We, the undersigned, do therefore call for the following to take place immediately:

  • Removal of the United Nations Headquarters facilities from New York, relocating it outside of the United States and any of its territories.

  • A thorough review of the U.S. financial contributions to the U.N. with a goal of a more equitable payment schedule. Until that review is concluded, eliminate all the payments made by the United States to the United Nations.”

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