The pundits are getting it all wrong. The left in America is not attacking “Christmas” this holiday season, they are attacking God. They do so without remorse and with exacting focus.

Just a short list of examples from the past few weeks:

As the headlines stack up almost faster than even the Internet or talk radio can report them – the bigger question becomes: Why?

And on that point, I beg you to consider the results of the 2004 election.

According to exit polls, the top item of concern – in determining who voters would cast their vote for – was values. These values were not nebulous, hard to define warm fuzzies about the environment or feeding the poor, but convictions that run deep and hold meaning for the families in America today – rich and poor. This has freaked out the left and now they are in overdrive.

The secular left has come to the realization that their reputation stinks. In the past, they had been successful in “tricking” voters into voting for them. But the emergence of alternative media has caused too much change. Voters got deeper on the understanding of issues than perhaps ever before in the history of public debate.

The radicals were left with one overwhelming observation: God and organized faith are too much in the mind of the average American for the leftist-progressive-radical utopia that they see to ever be enacted.

Same-sex marriage was rejected by the voters of 11 states – even in harshly liberal states such as Oregon. Rejected at a rate of better than 60 percent on average and in some states better than 80 percent. (In fact, I still hold that if the voters in the state of Massachusetts were given the choice, on their own they would overturn the radical judges in their state as well.)

The secular left in America idealizes the anti-God states that inhabit Western Europe and Canada. These areas have effectively become the most “God absent” places on Earth – and the progressives in America look up to them as “enlightened.” These societies have seen corresponding drops in commitment to personal faith in God with a rise in leftist-progressive-radical ideologies, government dependency and an inability to judge good from evil in foreign affairs.

In Canada, the most damning sign of this is the lowering of the age of consent to 14 years of age. Couple that with the change in definition of marriage to basically people of whatever combination who wish to engage in legally protected sex and receive government benefit from it. Then you have the making for an increase in the number of children who not only leave home early, but also bear more children out of wedlock and the skyrocketing of cost of public welfare that accompanies it.

What holds America back from falling down the same cesspool?

God! (Along with the freedom to believe in, worship, and obey Him in the day to day of living life.)

So is there any mystery as to why the elitists among us want to see every sign of the one who was “born on Christmas day” wiped from public view?

The headlines that are coming at us faster than we can count them are not the bottom line.

Progressives love getting the days off. They love hot chocolate and hearing happy music about love and good cheer. They love the office parties, the extra food, and some even enjoy seeing their families. We also have it on pretty good authority that they never turn down a gift that is offered to them this time of year – particularly by way of a payroll bonus.

What they do hate is the source of where all this generosity and wishes for “peace on earth” come from.

And most of all, they hate knowing that a God who loves them more than they love themselves expressed that love in one of the most amazing ways possible.

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