School distributes satanic, sex calendar

By WND Staff

Satanic image found in Pearland, Texas, school (courtesy KHOU-TV)

Local school officials in a suburb of Houston, Texas, are investigating how it was possible that a school police officer handed out calendars to students that featured explicit details on satanic and sexual rituals for every day of the month.

Parents in Pearland are demanding answers, according to a news report on KHOU-TV.

The school police officer who handed out the calendars was supposed to deliver a positive anti-gang message to the students last Monday, according to the report.

“September 20th is a ‘midnight host’ whatever that is,” said one unidentified parent reading from the calendar. “You should have a blood-type ritual. September 23rd is the fall equinox – you should have an orgy. Activity group sex, any age, any sex.”

The father did not want to be identified because he feared his daughter would be punished.

“They shouldn’t be teaching the kids, at 12 years of age, a calendar of satanism. It’s just not right,” he said.

Pearland school officials say some 25 students at the junior high received the calendars.

“It clearly was a mistake,” said Renea Ivy, Pearland ISD spokesperson. “We don’t want it to happen again and so – it was not done with malice, it was not done to promote satanism in any way on the campus. It was just a mistake.”

The officer said he got the packets from a anti-gang training course he took. Officials say he neglected to take out the adult material. The police officer remains on duty pending the outcome of an internal investigation.