The American Civil Liberties Union has done it again.

The group continues to transform America in radically twisted new ways.

It continues its fundamental offensive to redefine and reshape our country, its values and its principles.

The latest outrage, unnoticed by most Americans, came last week in a successful case before the Washington state Supreme Court, when the ACLU persuaded the justices that it is unconstitutional for parents to eavesdrop on their children.

The court, with the help of an ACLU brief, determined a mother in the town of Friday Harbor, Wash., violated the state’s Privacy Act when she listened by speakerphone to a conversation between her then-14-year-old daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend, prompting the court to reverse the boyfriend’s 2000 robbery conviction.

Oliver Christensen, 22, of Friday Harbor, was convicted partly based on what the mother, Carmen Dixon, 47, heard him tell her daughter Lacey.

“The court said it is against the law to intercept or snoop on anybody’s private conversation and that even a child has privacy rights,” said Christensen’s attorney, Michael Tario. “And further, the law says it is a crime for someone to do that, and that whatever is heard cannot be mentioned in court.”

In the October 2000 phone conversation, Christensen told Dixon’s daughter authorities would never find a purse he snatched because he hid it “across a ditch in some stick bushes.”

Dixon alerted police, and Christensen was arrested, convicted and served a nine-month sentence for the crime.

So now the courts say it was the mother who was the real criminal, not the robber, not the adult male victimizer of a female minor.

Do you get the picture?

Remember those old public service announcements that asked if parents knew where their children were and what they were doing? You can forget about those. You can forget about parental responsibility. At least in Washington state, it’s against the law for parents to monitor their children’s activities.

Maybe it’s time for some new public service announcements: “Do you know where your children are? No? Good. You shouldn’t know. It’s none of your business.” Like it or not, that’s the message the Washington state Supreme Court, with the help of the ACLU, conveyed to parents last week.

But, parents shouldn’t think for a minute they’re really off the hook as to responsibility for their kids. Had Dixon’s daughter been in trouble with the law, I have no doubt that the mother would have been held liable in some way. In other words, she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

What are parents supposed to do?

It should be an absolute duty of parents to use whatever means are necessary to keep tabs on their kids, to ensure they are being responsible, for making certain they are on a good moral path. Instead, the state is telling parents their kids are not really their kids at all. They are sovereign individuals accountable only to the state. Issues between children and parents won’t be resolved in the home any more, they will be resolved in the courtroom.

Of course, this is a recipe for national and cultural disaster.

But, whether this case proves to be meaningful in other states or not, it shows the true agenda of the ACLU.

This group is toxic. This group is lethal to a free society. This group hates self-government. This group wants the state to reach deep inside every home and interfere between family members. This group is anathema to common sense and decency and parental rights. This group would lead America one place and one place only – to a Soviet-style police state in which parents can’t trust kids and kids can’t trust parents.

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