Abortion zealots showed their true colors (blood-red and cash-green) last week when they launched an assault against a new pro-choice law.

The Hyde-Weldon Conscience Protection Amendment, signed by President Bush into law Dec. 8 as part of the 2005 Health & Human Services appropriations bill, guarantees freedom of choice to medical professionals, hospitals and health insurers to not participate in abortion if that is their preference.

You would think those claiming to be “pro-choice” would welcome a law that expands abortion alternatives for medical professionals and organizations – to opt out if that is their preference.

But, of course, no. Actually, it was “pro-force” abortion aggressors stalking the medical community in the first place who made the conscience protection amendment necessary.

For instance, pro-aborts in 1997 successfully forced – through the courts – an Alaskan hospital to commit elective late-term abortions against its will and the will of its community.

Abortion radicals also attempted to convince a New Jersey court to force a Catholic health system to build an abortion clinic on its premises.

Abortion fanatics also stopped the merger of a non-aborting New Hampshire hospital and introduced legislation in New Jersey to withhold the operating license of a non-aborting hospital as well as to force insurers to provide abortion coverage.

Imagine a court forcing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals members to club baby seals or forcing the Sierra Club to reserve some of its property for an ancient tree lumber mill. Worse, imagine the callousness of those who would bring forth such demands.

But the Hyde-Weldon amendment is like legislative mace to these menaces, forcing them to back away. It forbids federal funds from going to any federal or state agency or program that discriminates against any “health care entity” that does not “provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for abortions.” That covers just about every abortion-crazed perpetrator and every potential pro-life victim.

Passage of the Hyde-Weldon amendment has caused what is medically known as a “cluster headache” to pro-aborts (serious, but no comparison to the killer migraines abortionists cause babies when they crush their skulls with forceps while committing partial-birth abortion). The abortion industry has big plans to expand abortion into hospitals, but the Hyde-Weldon amendment punctures those plans like an abortionist perforates a uterus during a botched abortion.

Pro-aborts want to mainstream abortion in hospitals, to normalize and legitimize it. Thirty-two years ago, they thought legalizing abortion would do all that, but it didn’t, and they realize now it won’t.

To that end, pro-aborts want to move some or all of their business out of stigmatized abortion mills and into the clinical setting, where blood is cleaned off of operating room instruments between procedures and staff members can read.

Pro-aborts are also in dire need of replenishing their aging and degenerate group of bottom-feeding abortionists and had hoped to recruit more via the hospital system. Their depleted stock has either died off, been incarcerated, or had their medical licenses revoked.

Because, rightfully so, the stigma surrounding abortion and aborters has grown so bad, the desperate abortion industry resorted to attempting legal force to garner practitioners. How pathetic.

Thanks to Congressman Henry Hyde, R-Ill., Congressman Dr. Dave Weldon, R-Fla., House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist, R-Tenn., President George Bush and many others for re-establishing the medical community’s “freedom to choose,” as pro-aborts like to say.

But be warned that the Hyde-Weldon Amendment must be approved annually, and the abortion industry is already fighting it. Pro-abortion California Attorney General Bill Lockyer announced the day the bill became law that he would sue to block it.

Also know that the abortion industry already has a dismembered foot in the door of nationwide hospitals, and this must be fought. It did so by bringing late-term abortions of handicapped children into the hospital system, appealing to the misplaced compassion of medical organizations and staff. Watch out for this bloody slippery slope.

Those mushy-middle Americans who consider themselves “pro-choice” haven’t thought the issue through completely, yet they do not want to think it through any further. Deep down, they know their position is full of inconsistencies, so they have simply gone into denial. They don’t understand the destructive, self-serving agenda of the abortion profiteers leading their “movement.”

But the negative reaction of abortion linchpins to logical and fair laws like the Hyde-Weldon Amendment, Laci and Connor’s Law, and the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban gives us fodder to help Americans take their blinders off.

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