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The modern horror of a baby never born

Just when I think I’ve heard everything, I get smacked in the face with the realization that I haven’t.

Take the issue of women wanting children. Science being what it is, by golly, if she wants one, she’ll get one. If you can’t make one yourself, get someone to do it for you. Money makes it happen, with help from your friendly, neighborhood specialist.

Use your own egg and your husband’s sperm or, pick an egg and choose some sperm.

Think of it: A and B want a child. They use one or more eggs from C, sperm from D, and have E impregnated to carry the baby (or babies) to term.

There’s more. The doctor, F, mixes sperm and egg in the lab and chooses which and how many embryos to implant. He also chooses which to “selectively reduce,” (that means kill) if too many start to grow – who wants sextuplets, after all?

According to the media, it’s easy and age or marital status doesn’t matter.

Of course, the woman can always adopt. We’re told there are many children needing homes. Of course, left out of that news is the reality of how almost impossibly difficult adoption has become. If you’re a white couple desiring a white child, you can almost forget it. That desire is too often regarded as racism. Go figure.

Then again, there’s the method of motherhood that so perfectly fits our culture – instant gratification.

You can sum it up like this:

I want a baby. You have one. I’ll take it.

Unfortunately, the “new mother” doesn’t always wait for the child to be born. She goes right to the pregnant woman, and takes what she wants: the baby – and the life of the mother.

Society tends to frown on this.

It happened again in Missouri last week with headlines telling the grim story.

Here’s the scorecard:

One murdered mother – a young Missouri woman, weeks away from delivering her first child … 23-year old Bobbi Jo Stinnett was strangled.

One kidnapped child – a tiny girl, cut from her mother’s womb a month before her expected birth. She faces life without her mother. But, she’s alive!

One about-to-be-grandmother, Becky Harper, who discovered her pregnant daughter, near death from strangulation in her own home – her abdomen slashed open – her unborn granddaughter gone.

One young widower, Zeb, married barely a year and about to become a father, who now faces life with a barely-born daughter to raise alone.

Another husband, Kevin Montgomery, of Kansas, whose wife told him and their two children, the newborn child was theirs – that she gave birth early.

Add to these, people whose world is rocked by a senseless crime that intrudes into their notions about life and death and the right of humans to interfere with nature.

Just last week, it was the gory details of Scott Peterson’s murders of his 8-month pregnant wife and their unborn son, Conner. Peterson was sentenced to death.

It was a cause celebre when he was charged with “murdering” a child before it was born. Some argued it wasn’t a child – even, perhaps, not alive – or whatever other rationale they could dredge up to avoid any comparison to abortion, which after all, is the killing of a child before birth. But that’s legal.

Last week, Missouri officials realized that a near-term baby was cut from its mother’s womb and kidnapped. It took nine hours before a missing child “Amber Alert” was issued.

We’re told the delay was because they didn’t have a good description, for example, hair or eye color, size, weight or complexion.

I’m surprised they didn’t stall the alert because they didn’t know what language the baby spoke.

Why do I suspect they wasted time arguing about whether to issue the alert for the missing child because the baby had never been “born”?

Gee, is it a fetus or a baby? If it’s a fetus, how can we say there’s a child missing?

Hey fellas, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

In this case, if it’s an unborn baby inside the womb of a pregnant human woman, chances are, when it’s out, it’s a human baby.

Despite the delay, by tracing computer data and witness information, police tracked a red car, which had been seen in the Stinnett driveway, to a house in Kansas. They found the baby.

She’s apparently fine. Victoria Joy is now with her daddy. DNA tests will confirm her identity and tests on blonde hairs found under the fingernails of her murdered mother will confirm the killer.

Bobbie Jo was on the phone with her mother when the doorbell rang. The last words she spoke were: “Oh, they’re here. I’ve got to go.”

Lisa M. Montgomery, 36, confessed going to the Stinnett home ostensibly to buy a dog, in an arrangement set up via the Internet. Instead, she killed the woman, mutilated her body and kidnapped the unborn child. She’s under arrest.

It sounds premeditated to me. But, she doesn’t have a lawyer yet. Just imagine her plea.

I’m hoping this case will be different. But then, I’ve been in the news business a long time.