Citing only alleged European “secret reports,” an article in a Saudi government daily accused the U.S. Army of harvesting the organs of Iraqis and selling them.

The story in Al-Watan also was published in the Iranian daily Jomhouri-ye Islami and the Syrian daily Teshreen, reports the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.

Writing from Brussels, author Fakhriya Ahmad says, “Secret European military intelligence reports indicate the transformation of the American humanitarian mission in Iraq into a profitable trade in the American markets through the practice of American physicians extracting human organs from the dead and wounded, before they are put to death, for sale to medical centers in America.”

Ahmad claims a “secret team” of American physicians follow the troops in battle and transfer dead Iraqis to private operating rooms.

“The reports confirm the finding of tens of mutilated cadavers or cadavers missing parts,” he writes. “Some were found without a head.”

Ahmad claims U.S. military officials couldn’t explain the alleged missing body parts and burned the bodies “to conceal the crime of organ extraction.”

The European reports, Ahmad claims, also indicate “a number of those killed in ‘Abu Ghraib’ and other prisons were subjected to operations for extracting their organs.”

“The reports revealed that that the American forces restricted the media by force to prevent them from getting near the scenes and recording the events,” he writes. “But the relatives of the Iraqis are aware of these facts.”

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