There is a lot of buzz these days about “saving” Social Security. For decades, presidents have been feeding the American people the same old drivel about saving Social Security, the “sacred cow” of politics. For the past 40 years, presidents have declared their intention to save and reform Social Security, i.e., Bill Clinton’s State of the Union addresses always carried practically the same sentences: “… we must agree to a bipartisan process to preserve (save) Social Security” (1997); “… we must save Social Security for the 21st century” (1998); “… we must save Social Security for the 21st century” (1999).

Of course, none of this reforming has ever come about and because this is a mathematically flawed system, it can’t be saved. The only result of all this chatter has been greater expansion of programs under Social Security, further luring Americans into dependency. Unfortunately, the American people didn’t heed the warnings when FDR rammed through Social Security and his “New Deal.”

“The New Deal will bring the Communist Party within striking distance of overthrow of the American form of government,” (1935) Arthur Henning, Chicago Tribune.

“The New Deal is to America what the early phase of Nazism was to Germany,” (1935) Mark Sullivan, Buffalo Evening News.

Ironically, in the same year, Feb. 7 to be exact, John D. Rockefeller was printed by the Department of Justice to kick off a public campaign for a national fingerprint registration law.

In 1932, William Z. Foster, then chairman of the Communist Party USA, authored a book titled, “Toward Soviet America.” On page 281, Foster states that in order to Sovietize America, there would have to be social insurance against unemployment, an old-age insurance (Social Security), free medical services as well as socialized housing. Three years later, Social Security was up and running and the rest has fallen neatly into line to meet communist goals in America.

Think tanks which make their living writing about how to “fix” Social Security have been talking up their latest ideas which amount to nothing more than rehashing the same old worn out Band-Aids. Popular conservative columnists and talk-radio hosts parrot the same, Republican or Democrat. Few ever get to the meat of the legal details. Remember: There’s no money in the cure, only the treatment. Before one attempts to fix this federal taxing scheme cleverly called “Social Security,” they must understand how it works – something politicians religiously avoid telling the American people.

Social Security was ruled constitutional the second time around by the Supreme Court because it is a voluntary program. No one can be forced to participate, numbers are not automatically issued to anyone, they must apply for one through the Social Security Administration. There is a provision in the National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 passed by the Republicans and signed into law by Bush that will require Social Security numbers on a national ID. This will be challenged in court, so stay tuned on that one.

The Social Security Administration merely keeps a bookkeeping account which credits you with a certain amount and when the times comes for the government to “let” you retire, you apply for whatever pittance in benefits the system will allow. The government doesn’t want you to know this system is voluntary and they won’t “let” you out unless you know the law – and even then, it’s a fierce battle because of corrupt federal judges. This is a grotesque travesty of injustice against the American people. The system is parasitic and needs victims to stay in business … even to the point of lying to the American people about how it works. Most Americans aren’t even eligible to apply for this insidious number, they’re tricked into applying. That is a legal fact.

Social Security has been a political football for over 60 years. The Democrats use it as a scare tactic each election and the Republicans spend an equal amount of time trying to counter this meaningless rhetoric. Lawyers make tens of millions of dollars on perpetuating this federal taxing scheme. It’s time to expose this game for what it is and the only real solution – a solution which will be embraced by the American people once they understand how it will benefit them.

Social Security can’t be saved, but it can and must be funded for those who need it. There are sufficient funds to meet the debt load for this obligation, but let this communist-inspired system die out a natural death.

First, learn the facts about Social Security and what the law actually says. Then demand Congress and Bush implement the only solution that will work and in the long run will best serve the American people by getting government out of our lives and stop telling us when we can retire, when we can’t and how we will save for our own retirement. That isn’t government’s job, it is a personal responsibility for a self-determined, independent people.

This won’t happen until millions of Americans demand a final solution and not decades more of the same old political slogans about “saving Social Security.”

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