A website is collecting online “signatures” of Americans who oppose any sort of amnesty or guest-worker program that would legalize certain illegal aliens living in the U.S., such as the one proposed by President Bush.

NoMoreAmnesty.com includes a history of the 1986 amnesty, saying it encouraged more illegal aliens and “cost the American taxpayer $78.7 billion in net direct and indirect expenses.”

“Nearly 3 million illegal aliens, most of whom were poorly educated and poorly skilled, were made eligible for sponsoring a new flow of immigrants,” explains one page on the website. “These further immigrants generally arrive with a similar lack of qualifications to participate fully in our high-skills, high-education, high-wage economy. Thus, they contribute to our society’s seriously growing income inequality and shrinking middle class.”

The site also mentions what its creators believe are the downsides of a guest-worker program and says a new plan to combine guest workers with amnesty would be disastrous.

Besides encouraging visitors to sign the petition, the site urges those who oppose amnesty to e-mail the president and Congress, and pages are provided for that purpose.

Here is the text of the petition:

We, citizens and legal residents of the United States of America, oppose giving permanent residence to aliens living illegally in our country, whether by outright amnesty or under the guise of a guest-worker program. As a matter of principle, we believe that rewarding people who have broken our laws is contrary to our national ideals, and will encourage even more people to disregard our laws and our nation’s sovereignty.

We call on you to carry out the federal government’s responsibility to protect our nation’s borders and to enforce the laws of our land. We ask that you place the interests of law-abiding Americans above those of persons illegally living in our country and of those who exploit them.

We demand that our government respect the commitment made by Congress and President Reagan in 1986 that laws against illegal immigration would be enforced and there would be no more amnesties.

The petition campaign is sponsored by the Federation for American Immigration Reform Congressional Task Force, nonprofit, public interest organization.

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