With Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon recently crediting the Palestinian Authority for clamping down on incitement against the Jewish state, official Palestinian television last week blamed Israel for the tsunami in southeast Asia, preached the destruction of Israel and the U.S., and declared America the prime sponsor of world terror.

“The Muslim remembers how the Jews corrupted the land … . They invest in the East Asian countries, which were destroyed [by the tsunami] because of the Jewish and American corruption and destruction,” said Palestinian preacher Sheik Ibrahim Madiras Friday during his weekly sermon broadcast on PA television, according to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch.

“The Jews are Jews. Their character and custom are the corruption and destruction of this land. We keep warning you: the Jews are a cancer that spreads inside the body of the Islamic and Arab nation,” continued Madiras.

Madiras told his audience the Palestinian goal is the destruction of Israel. “We are interested in returning to our genuine borders. We want to return to the 1948 [pre-Israel] borders,” said Madiras, referring to the period before Israel’s creation.

“[We have a claim] which we can’t forget and will never forgive forever [against] Britain and all governments who assisted that state [Israel] to be established on this land, which is a false state on a true land.”

Madiras went on to called America the center of terrorism. “America today is the sponsor of terror on this land. America, who pretends for freedom and pretends for democracy, is the sponsor of terror on the face of this land. America has reached her peak, by Allah’s will, is on the way to the abyss. America, led by its president now, [who is] leading it to the abyss, to destruction, to death, by Allah’s will. America, for whom Bush dug a grave the day he invaded Afghanistan, and prepared the grave for burial the day he invaded Iraq, by Allah, America will be buried the day the American embassy will be moved to Jerusalem, and it will be the last nail in her coffin.”

Sharon and other Israeli leaders last month credited Mahmoud Abbas for helping to lower official incitement in the Palestinian media against Israel. But as yesterday’s PA presidential election drew closer, Palestinian incitement grew exponentially.

Abbas campaigned alongside Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists, and called Israel the “Zionist enemy.” He also vowed to protect and shelter wanted terrorists, referring to them as “heroes.”

“We will not forget those wanted by Israel. These are the heroes that are fighting for freedom,” said Abbas.

Earlier last month, Palestinian television featured a senior PA academic, Dr. Hassan Khater, founder of the Al Quds Encyclopedia, saying the killing of Jews is mandated by the prophet Mohammed, Palestinian Media Watch reported.

Khater, quoting what he said was Islamic tradition, told viewers, “Mohammed said in his Hadith: ‘The Hour [Day of Resurrection] will not arrive until you fight the Jews, [until a Jew will hide behind a rock or tree] and the rock and the tree will say: Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!'”

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