A film production company is both making a movie about the Philadelphia Christians facing charges for evangelizing at an outdoor homosexual event and sponsoring a concert to raise money for the protesters’ defense.

As WorldNetDaily reported, on Oct. 10, a group of 11 Christians was “preaching God’s Word” to a crowd of people attending the Philadelphia “OutFest” event and displaying banners with biblical messages.

After a confrontation with a group called the Pink Angels, described by protesters as “a militant mob of homosexuals,” the Christians were arrested and spent a night in jail.

Eight charges were filed: criminal conspiracy, possession of instruments of crime, reckless endangerment of another person, ethnic intimidation, riot, failure to disperse, disorderly conduct and obstructing highways.

None of the Pink Angels was cited or arrested.

After a preliminary hearing in December, Judge William Austin Meehan ordered four of the Christians to stand trial on three felony and five misdemeanor charges. If convicted, they could each get a maximum of 47 years in prison. One female teenage protester faces charges in the juvenile justice system.

Illuminati Pictures is working on a film to raise awareness about the Christians’ legal plight to be entitled, “4,” a reference to the four adults facing charges. WorldNetDaily refers to the group as the Philadelphia 5 to include the 17-year-old girl who also faces charges.

The company has also scheduled a Philadelphia benefit concert for Feb. 11 to raise funds for the group. While a venue has yet to be identified, the company expects between eight and 10 bands to perform at the event.

“So far, we have several quality bands that have volunteered to come from around the country, and many more have expressed great interest,” Illuminati Pictures’ president, Jason Mitchell, told WND.

Information about the concert is available at the website Philly4.net.

“We at Illuminati Pictures are working with musicians to bring you ‘Free the Philly 4,’ a media and concert event to raise funds for the accused and their legal expenses. This is the greatest legal travesty we have seen in decades and the greatest opportunity of our time to challenge political corruption in a powerful way,” Mitchell states on the website.

Elsewhere on the site, Mitchell comments on the controversial arrests:

“In a political coup bordering on the surreal, four of the 11 [Christians] were charged with multiple felonies, including possession of instruments of crime (a mini-bullhorn), inciting a riot (despite the glaring absence of said riot) and most disturbingly, ethnic intimidation. Ethnic intimidation? Due to Philadelphia’s recent amendment to their hate-crime legislation, criticizing homosexuality has been lumped in as ‘hate crime material.'”

Continued Mitchell’s description: “These men and women were not the cartoonish, televangelist types, screaming hellfire and brimstone, but were active citizens voicing their dissent in a peaceful, law-abiding fashion, when police and homosexual thugs surrounded them, impeded their progress on a public street, aggressively pushed them away from the event and ultimately stripped them of their American civil liberties.”

Mitchell says he still needs to raise $15,000 to cover costs of the new film and the benefits concert.

Thus far, three bands have committed to performing at the concert: Urban Sophisticates, Intelligentzia and The 7 Method.

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