A nationwide TV satellite system will offer a Christian alternative to this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, hoping people disgusted by last year’s Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” will change channels to take in something more uplifting.

Sky Angel said in a statement it is anticipating that subscribers to its service will be seeking something else to watch during halftime of the Feb. 6 game.

“Many Christians are planning on watching the Super Bowl but are looking for something more inspirational to watch during halftime,” said Kathy Johnson, Sky Angel’s vice president of programming. “After last year’s halftime show incident, we understand people’s desire for an alternative for their families and church members.”

Last year’s show on CBS included the exposure of Jackson’s breast during a routine she performed with Justin Timberlake, an incident that resulted in widespread condemnation of the network and an FCC probe leading to a $550,000 fine.

The company says after some viewers inquired about an alternative it asked Tom McGough, the host of “Sportsweek,” to put together an alternative show. “Sportsweek” is a program Sky Angel offers that features testimonies from Christian athletes.

McGough, a former pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, will be joined by former Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro linebacker and Super Bowl veteran Robin Cole to co-host the special. Sky Angel says the show will include commentary about the game and a retrospect on Cole’s Super Bowl experiences. Also planned are Christian testimonies from “some of 2004’s biggest sports stars.”

The company’s program will run on channel Angel Two at the same time as the regular Super Bowl halftime show.

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