Operation Clean Sweep

By Devvy Kidd

“For what is liberty but the unhampered translation of will into act?”

– Dante Alighieri (1265-1320) Italian poet

The core group of colonials who birthed this nation gave us a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Whose government is this anyway? It is ours. A government of the people, by the people, for the people. Unfortunately, over the decades career politicians backed by the two major party machines have taken over this republic. It is no longer a government of, by and for the people – it has become a tyrannical government.

If we are to truly be a government of the people, by the people and for the people, then the people themselves must take it back and the only way to do that is for the millions of Americans who see this republic and our Constitution hanging by a very slim thread, make the sacrifice to run for public office at all levels in every state of the Union. If you can’t run, then please help constitutional candidates get elected by working for their campaigns.

We are the power, but we cannot exercise that power without making the sacrifice of putting our lives on hold and clean the communists, fascists, socialists (liberals) and phony conservatives out of public offices.

Who makes the laws in this country? City councils, county boards of supervisors, members of the 50 state legislatures and Congress. Local school boards and water districts make rules and regulations.

Who enforces these laws, rules and regulations? The courts at all levels, district attorneys and sheriffs. All elected officials.

The destruction of the rights of Americans has reached monstrous proportions and the people responsible are those sitting in public office today. Lesbians and homosexuals on school boards, in Congress and in our legislatures are advancing their toxic agenda at an alarming rate.

We will have elections in two years for the entire House of Representatives, some governorships and offices at all levels throughout the Union. In four years, if we’re lucky, there will be national elections which include the office of the president. We the people cannot wait until the last minute to find out which new world order facilitator will be our only choice. Haven’t the people had enough of “hold your nose and vote?”

With the exception of Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo, the entire House of Representatives must be removed. No exceptions. This entire body has been in office for over a decade. They have done nothing to seal off the borders, but have passed unconstitutional legislation like the USA Patriot Act, national IDs and driver’s licenses and the massive, colossal waste of money called Homeland Security. Collectively they have been busy destroying this republic, while bribing the American people with “free” prescription pills, and promises of even more money for the unconstitutional federal Department of Education.

We the people cannot wait until six months before the election in 2008 to see which new world order facilitator the Democrat and Republican parties will once again force party faithful to vote for … just to keep the other party from winning.

This is a dangerous game that must stop. The people must get involved in the political process at every level. Complaining about the serious problems plaguing America isn’t going to solve them – only removing those who are responsible is going to save our republic and our freedoms.

There are talented constitutional attorneys all over this country. They work for public advocacy groups, i.e., Thomas More Law Center and hundreds of others. They are in private practice. America needs you to make the sacrifice to run for superior and district court judges and district attorneys in every state. We need those who qualify to run for county sheriff – the highest law enforcement officer in a county. We need to get all these bad judges off the bench and oust sheriffs who will not stand up to the feds. We can’t do anything about the federal judges or the U.S. Supreme Court until we clean out Congress and put strict constitutionalists in who have the guts to do what needs to be done.

Veterans and retired Americans: Your country needs you with all your years of experience, courage and talent. There is no more time for fun and games. If the Senate ratifies the Free Trade Area of the Americas, Bush will sign it and America as a sovereign republic will finally be gone. Even the AFL-CIO is fighting this mechanism for world government. The FTAA will be the final death blow and Bush is pushing hard for it. If you can’t run for office, please help constitutional candidates in your area get elected.

We are the people of this government and now the people must put their actions where their mouths are and begin the process of running for office. Freedom is not a spectator sport. Click here for guidelines on how to run for public office at all levels. Let “Operation Clean Sweep” be our battle cry and begin today … because every day counts from now until the elections.