Dr. Jack Wheeler, creator of a unique intelligence website dubbed “the oasis for rational conservatives,” says the Communist government in Beijing is planning a war with Taiwan as a means to suppress the burgeoning wave of rebellion across China.

On his website, To the Point, Wheeler points out there were over 60,000 riots, disturbances and public protests throughout China in 2004. “People can see how corrupt the government is while they barely have enough to eat,” Wheeler quotes a demonstration leader as saying. “Our society has a short fuse, just waiting for a spark.”

Part of that spark could be caused by the bleak economic outlook that feeds discontent among China’s 1.3 billion people.

“All four of China’s main banks (all state owned) have more uncollectable debts than they have assets and loans,” writes Wheeler. “The Shanghai Composite, China’s largest stock market, has gone nowhere for five years.

“Foreign companies and investors may be pouring money into China, but Chinese companies and investors are pouring money out of China. Billions in government and private money is in capital flight and invested in ‘safe havens’ around the world, rather than plowed back into the Chinese economy to insure its continued growth.”

Continues Wheeler: “The Chicoms realize that, as everyone including themselves has lost their belief in communism, their only way to avoid chaos and anarchy is through a frenzied Chinese nationalism. In the past, I have listed a number of possible targets of this nationalism, including Russia’s Far East, which Russia stole from China in 1860. Now it is clear that the list is narrowed to one target only: Taiwan.

“The Taiwanese will be portrayed as Chinese apostates, traitors to the Chinese Motherland. It will be as easy as turning on a switch for Beijing to ramp up a jingoistic fury against them. It’s the path of least resistance for the Chicoms.”

Available only to subscribers of To the Point, Wheeler’s column quotes from a meeting he recently had with respected dissident Harry Wu, who spent 20 years in a Chinese labor camp.

“Chinese history is very simple,” Wu explained. “It’s one dynasty after another – really the same dynasty over and over again with different people and names. The Communist Dynasty established by Mao is no different. It’s those periods between dynasties that scares people, for those are periods of anarchy and chaos. China is heading towards one of these frightful periods now. It is coming soon.”

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Prime-time intelligence analysis

Besides writing for To the Point, Wheeler heads the Freedom Research Foundation, which currently is working on what he calls the Free Iran Project. The project applies “Reagan Doctrine strategies toward the liberation of Iran,” he explained.

The website is global, Wheeler says, “but we really focus on issues people are really interested in … key areas of geo-strategic and national security import for the United States.”

‘Religion without a future’

Wheeler said Islam is also a focus of To the Point, including “the nature of Islam and the problems Islam faces – with regard to us and with regard to its own future.”

“Quite frankly,” he said, “there are a lot of extinct religions in the history pages, and Islam is going to become extinct unless it’s reformed.

“When you start blowing yourself up, when you get that kind of insane desperation, you’re history,” he said. “This is a religion without a future unless it reforms.”

On his site, Wheeler includes a subscription article comparing the Aztecs with Arabs: “Both the Arabs and the Aztecs invented a religion of jihad as a rationale to justify their imperialist empires. …”

“War – Holy War – became the purpose of the Aztec state. All soldiers in the Aztec army were holy warriors, warriors of the gods. Peace was dangerous. No war meant no prisoners to sacrifice, no food for the gods, which risked the destruction of mankind and the universe itself. The only way to avoid cosmic disaster was for the Aztecs to accept the burden fate had given them and wage perpetual war for the salvation of humanity.

“All in all, a pretty clever rationalization for a monstrous imperialist tyranny, wouldn’t you say? Sounds like they were taking religion-inventing lessons from the Arabs.”

Adventure in his blood

Wheeler, who holds a doctorate in Philosophy, has always been drawn by the thrill and accomplishment of adventure. He became the youngest Eagle Scout in history at age 12 before becoming the youngest person to climb the Matterhorn in Switzerland at age 14.

“People collect things,” Wheeler explains. “They collect stamps, or coins, or porcelain. At 14, I decided what I wanted was to collect extraordinary experiences. You could lose your stamps or coins, but you can never lose what you have done with your life.”

Wheeler swam the Hellespont like Leander in Greek mythology, was adopted into a tribe of Amazon headhunters and successfully hunted a man-eating tiger in South Vietnam while still in high school.

“My intellectual adventures began when I read Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises and Aristotle, inspiring me to get a Ph.D. in Philosophy,” he said. “I explored Africa, the Gobi, Mongolia, Central Asia, Tibet, the Himalayas, the Andes, Borneo and the South Pacific, discovered lost tribes in New Guinea and the Kalahari, took elephants over the Alps in Hannibal’s footsteps, skydived onto the North Pole, roused anti-Marxist guerrillas from Angola to Afghanistan and helped get rid of the Soviet Union.”

Forty years after Wheeler’s historic climb of the Matterhorn, he ascended the mountain again, this time with his 14-year-old eldest son, Brandon.

Wheeler completes his column entitled “What life is all about” this way:

“No lion, sitting underneath an acacia tree in the Serengeti, asks himself, ‘What does it mean to be a lion? What is the purpose of my existence?’ A lion has no choice but to unselfconsciously follow his genetic program. But human beings have to figure out how and why to survive, they have to choose a rationale that gives purpose and meaning for their lives. My choice has been to try and make my life, and now the life of my son, a thrilling adventure.”

Wheeler has worn many labels throughout his decades as an adventurer and geopolitical expert. The Wall Street Journal called him “the originator of the Reagan Doctrine.” The Washington Post called him “The Indiana Jones of the Right,” and Izvestiya, the organ of the Soviet Communist Party, called him an “ideological gangster.”

Wheeler says his site offers readers “mind-stretching pro-America insights on our lives, our politics and our world.”

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., sums up Wheeler’s extraordinary life:

“Jack Wheeler is just about the most interesting man I know. As a professional adventurer, he has discovered lost tribes and led expeditions to every corner of the globe. As a geopolitical strategist, he created the Reagan Doctrine, which led to the demise of the Soviet Union. He is a brilliantly original thinker and deeply perceptive analyst of world events. I value his counsel and friendship.”

Here’s how Wheeler describes his online resource:

“To The Point intends to be both the world’s most accurate and insightful geopolitical intelligence service, and a pro-America, pro-capitalist, pro-Western Civilization intellectual ammunition service for defenders of liberty.

“Our goal is for our subscribers to look upon To The Point as an oasis of reason and insight. Our subscribers are becoming the most highly informed people in America.”

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