SACRAMENTO – The organization leading the effort to evict the United Nations headquarters from American soil, Move America Forward, was to announce today an effort to replace outgoing U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Danforth with magazine publisher and conservative icon Steve Forbes.

“The United Nations is a corrupt and failed institution that dedicates much of its time to attacking American policy and passing anti-American initiatives,” said Move America Forward co-chairman Melanie Morgan, a radio talk-show host from San Francisco and a leader of the recall of former Gov. Gray Davis. “Steve Forbes is someone who can both articulate American foreign policy, and also stand up to the tin pot dictators and terrorist sympathizers at the U.N. who are determined to hurt the United States and our interests.”

Forbes has been an outspoken critic of the United Nations. In a Jan. 10 column for Forbes magazine, he took issue with the U.N.’s handling of the Oil-for-Food scam. In the column, the New Yorker called for relocating the U.N.’s headquarters out of New York City.

“The Oil-for-Food scandal, perhaps the biggest instance of corruption in history, allowed Saddam Hussein to siphon off tens of billions of dollars and direct it (after meeting his own needs) to favored countries, companies and individuals whose influence could help perpetuate his deadly dictatorship,” he wrote.

Morgan said: “In light of recent corruption scandals involving the U.N., we also need someone who we don’t have to worry is going to be bought off. With Steve Forbes as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. and his reputation of unimpeachable integrity, we have nothing to worry about with him on the job. Steve Forbes is one of the most articulate and thoughtful Americans on foreign policy issues, who also played a key role with President Ronald Reagan in bringing down the Soviet empire through his work in overseeing Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. His support for Lech Walesa in Poland was a critical part of winning the Cold War.”

Move America Forward is beginning its television ad campaign to “Get the U.N. Out of the U.S.” The group will unveil new television and radio ads this week that will appear on national television networks and on local radio stations.

“In addition to serving as president and CEO of Forbes, Inc. and editor-in-chief of Forbes Magazine, Forbes has been an eloquent spokesperson for pro-growth, free market ideas, which form the cornerstone of political freedom,” said Morgan. “His campaigns for president of the United States revealed to Americans his command of the issues and his straightforward defense of American ideals.”

The ad campaign supports a petition drive that has already collected over 78,000 signatures to “Get the U.N. Out of the U.S.”

“We need to ultimately find a new organization composed of the world’s democracies that can replace the United Nations,” said Howard Kaloogian, Move America Forward’s other co-chairman. “Until such an organization is formed, we need an ambassador to the U.N. who will fight for American interests. Steve Forbes would be an excellent man to do just that. He would be an ambassador much like Jeanne Kirkpatrick, who served so admirably as President Ronald Reagan’s pick for ambassador to the U.N. They are unafraid to stand up for American interests and ideals, and to speak the truth without hesitation.”

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