Move America Forward, the organization leading the effort to evict the United Nations from the United States and halt U.S. funding of the U.N. today launches a national television ad campaign to “Get the U.N. Out of the U.S.”

Beginning today, a new 30-second TV spot called “Stingy” begins airing on CNN Headline News and the Fox News Channel.

The ad highlights two controversial actions by the United Nations during the ongoing tsunami relief effort:

  • The comments made by the U.N.’s “humanitarian czar,” Jan Egeland, that western nations were being “stingy” in providing relief. (Egeland made the comments just two days after the tsunamis struck and is now trying to say he didn’t mean it to reflect the humanitarian effort now ongoing in Asia.)
  • The reports that U.N. General Secretary Kofi Annan was too busy frolicking at a ski resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to take hands-on leadership in the tsunami relief effort. Annan refused to leave his ski vacation for three days after the disaster struck.

“Is there any better evidence of how irrelevant the United Nations has become than the fact that the U.N. general secretary doesn’t feel he needs to interrupt his ski vacation during the worst natural disaster in recent times?” asked Melanie Morgan, co-chairman of Move America Forward.

Move America Forward has been collecting contributions from its more than 150,000 members to purchase airtime to run these ads. The television and radio commercials underscore a petition drive to “Get the U.N. Out of the U.S.,” which is nearing 100,000 signatures collected.

“With the support of the American public, we can remain on the airwaves with a series of ads that will reveal the recent history of scandal, corruption and cover-up that has been taking place at the U.N.,” said Morgan.

Move America Forward’s leadership felt it was important in this first ad to take on the “stingy” smear uttered by Jan Egeland.

“Americans are a very generous people,” said Howard Kaloogian, Move America Forward’s other co-chairman. “Already private giving by individuals and corporations for tsunami victims has surpassed the huge amount pledged by our government. This is the beauty of how our free society works, and it is something that the socialists who run the U.N. will never understand.”

Those who support the campaign are being asked to view the new ad online, sign the petition and make a contribution to support purchase of more airtime on television for this commercial and future spots.

See the ad now.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: In light of unprecedented United Nations scandals – from widespread sexual abuse and rape of women and children to the terrorism-supporting Oil-for-Food scandal – more Americans than ever are pushing for the U.S. to alter or abolish its relationship with the U.N.

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