Unless you’ve spent the last several years stranded on a deserted island, you probably know of at least some of the medical miracles provided by stem-cell research. What most Americans don’t know is that they all come from adult stem cells. Not a single treatment comes from the use of embryonic stem cells.

What could possibly be behind such an appalling and widespread lack of knowledge?

The answer is one of the biggest bait-and-switch scams ever perpetrated on the American people. The scam is led by the scientific community that has the complicity of a liberal media and advocates of the pro-abort agenda.

Scientists accomplish their goal by exaggerating the promises of embryonic SCR while downplaying the proven value of adult SCR. They do this to further their goals of funding their labs while protecting their jobs, misguided time investment and ethically unrestrained research practices.

So why are the media and pro-abort advocates in league with these wayward but highly influential scientists?

The answer is that these latter groups need to keep the American public convinced that the unborn child isn’t human life. This has become increasingly difficult with advances in technology. For example, the human genome project and 4D-ultrasound have ripped the lid off the lies told to women about abortion and life in the womb.

The advances have been so dramatic that Norma McCorvey, the former “Jane Roe” whose case first legalized abortion on demand 32 years ago, is now asking the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade, or at least order a retrial on the merits. Citing the sworn testimony of more than 1,000 women hurt by abortion as well as testimony from scientific and medical experts, she insists the legal and factual conditions that led to the 1973 ruling have changed. (Federal rules allow an original party to request a ruling be vacated when factual and legal changes make the decision no longer just.)

That means the liberal media and the pro-abortionists are in a losing battle against technology to maintain their political agenda. Enter ESCR as a last ditch effort, however ironic, to sell the abortionists views with the appearance of taking the moral high ground:

“Use the body parts of the unborn to find cures through ESCR – they’re nothing more than a clump of cells. Don’t you want your own ‘biological repair kit’? Don’t’ you want to find cures for yourself, your family members and others suffering with debilitating disease?”

It is easy to recognize this “sales pitch” only works as long as the American people remain convinced the unborn are not alive and not human and ESCR is a successful technology. That means this could be the last great stand of the pro-abortionist movement.

But with technology itself sure to serve the fatal blow to this politically liberal agenda, proponents of ESCR and the pro-abortionist movement make strange bedfellows. As the saying goes “a house divided against itself will never stand.”

To date, only adult stem cells are successfully used in treatments for cancer, blood disorders, autoimmune disease, stroke, Parkinson’s, heart and liver disease, MS, corneal transplants and more. Recent human trials even show success in healing paralysis and diabetes.

The latest breakthroughs appear with the use of cord blood stem cells. Just two months ago, the New England Journal of Medicine reported that transplants using cord blood stem cells provide equivalent patient survival to bone marrow transplants despite clinical circumstances that were heavily biased against the cord blood patients.

What’s more, we now have convincing clinical evidence that stem cells from umbilical cord blood can specialize into brain, heart, liver and bone cells and are effective in the treatment of disease. Just recently, it was announced that with umbilical cord stem-cell treatment, scientists in South Korea repaired the damaged spine of a 37-year-old woman who had been paralyzed for 20 years. She is now walking.

That means building on the success of two decades of treatments using adult stem cells, a new era of stem-cell transplants is dawning – not using ESCs but stem cells provided by cord blood after the baby is safely born. Imagine that – a treatment that depends on the birth of a child rather than the death of one.

This milestone discovery and bountiful resource of stem cells led to the introduction of bipartisan legislation in 2003 called the Cord Blood Stem Cell Act. The legislation would “establish a National Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank Network to prepare, store and distribute human umbilical cord blood stem cells for the treatment of patients and to support peer-reviewed research using such cells.”

Passing this legislation will save the lives of thousands of gravely ill Americans. At the same time it would trump any need for pursuing the fruitless and morally bankrupt use of ESCs.

Any delays made in passing this legislation, including the selfishly motivated and purposely deceitful attempts by scientists and the liberal media to confuse ESC with the progress and advances of ASCs, severely harms the public and delays the stream of miracles for those suffering with debilitating disease.

The bill was not passed in the 108th Congress, so it will have to be re-introduced this year.

Don’t be fooled by who really stands in the way of your cure. When the bill is re-introduced, call your member of Congress and U.S. senators and tell them to support the Cord Blood Stem Cell Act.

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