Last week’s Senate confirmation hearing of Condoleezza Rice for U.S. secretary of state was less about determining her ability to execute the duties of this critical office than it was getting her to admit the Bush administration made some mistakes.

Why do we need desperate liberal Democrats – with the luxury of hindsight – to dissect Ms. Rice on subjects that were not even relevant to her confirmation for the purpose of trying to discredit Bush, Rumsfeld and Powell?

The performance of Boxer, Biden and Kerry at this hearing once again illustrates the extreme hatred that the liberal left has toward the Bush administration – especially on the eve of the 55th presidential Inauguration!

Condi Rice’s ability to handle this crossfire – and then thank this hatchet committee – is evidence enough to me that she has the diplomatic skills needed to take on France, North Korea, Germany or even the mad mullahs of Iran.

How Kerry, Biden and Boxer can impugn the character and integrity of Ms. Rice “in pursuit of truth” is beyond me. Her service to this nation is impeccable in my mind (and President’s Bush’s mind).

So, why the drilling? Two words: BULIMIC DEMOCRATS! They have the insatiable need to puke before the public on anything or anyone who is connected to the current administration.

My advice? GET OVER IT! You lost! The time has come to put national interests on the front burner and save the politics for the midterm elections – when grabbing TV screen time might do you some good – rather than simply looking like the desperate politicians who you obviously are.

We are at war. We have a huge trade deficit. Iran is close to nuclear capability. The dollar is dropping like a lead weight. Don’t you think it is time to start putting the real issues on the table, rather than calling for Republican repentance?

Democrats seem fixated on polarizing Americans in their quest for “negative unity.” Negative unity may be helpful at times when we have the luxury of peace, but again – WE ARE AT WAR NOW!

Instead of Bush-bashing, Democrats need to come up with some new ideas to fix America’s problems that do not rely on more taxes, more government and more socialism.

If Ronald Reagan were here today, I’m convinced he would have supported the war in Iraq and then he would have let the history books determine the wisdom (or the folly) of his actions.

The world respects America’s resolve and strength – both during peace and war – but not the kind of flip-flopping in weakness as the Democrats have illustrated recently. Again: Get over it!

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