Robert Redford

In the days leading up to last November’s election, there were reports that some celebrities, including actor-director Robert Redford, were preparing to emigrate out of the U.S. should President Bush be re-elected.

Redford reportedly said he was contemplating a move to Ireland in the event Sen. John Kerry didn’t defeat Bush.

But the star of films including “The Sting” and “The Natural” is now denying any consideration of such a move.

According to the movie-database site, Redford said, “It wasn’t true. … I love Ireland, I have family heritage in Ireland, but I’m an American. I love it here and I’m not leaving just because of some barking dog on the TV. I’m not going to do that. We are who we are and we’re not going to shy away from something we need to stand up for.”

Shortly before the 2000 election, actor Alec Baldwin’s then wife, Kim Basinger, told Germany’s Focus magazine that Baldwin “might leave the country if Bush is elected … and then I’d probably have to go too.” But Baldwin remained in America.

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