Just days after stepping down as president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Gloria Feldt is enlightening us as to exactly why pro-abortionists were dealt such a stinging blow on Nov. 2 – it’s all John Kerry’s fault.

Tapping into some of the anger she apparently never exhausted while overseeing the destruction of more than 1.3 million unborn children over the last eight years, Feldt chastised Kerry for his unclear abortion rhetoric during the presidential campaign.

“I have great respect for John Kerry, but there’s no question he did not articulate [abortion] issues well,” Fedlt told The Associated Press, blaming the Massachusetts senator for ceding “the moral high ground to the other side” and for confusing voters by appearing “equivocal” on the abortion issue.

Feldt’s remarks couldn’t have come at a more fitting time. In the aftermath of the Nov. 2 thrashings, Democrat politicians are desperately searching for a new approach to hot-button social issues like abortion. They are increasingly uneasy with spouting strong pro-abortion rhetoric, knowing full well that Americans are quickly beginning to see through the pro-choice fa?ade. In all but the bluest states, Democrats are being forced to reframe their abortion talking points if they hope to have any chance of winning future elections.

But that rhetorical revamp is not sitting well with the abortion industry. There is a growing rift between the “ground forces” of the pro-abortion movement (i.e., those who have such fondness for abortion that they watch tapes of the procedure in their leisure time) and the Democrat politicians who have to deal with abortion’s political fallout.

Hence the Democrats’ recent discovery of religion. Out-and-out pro-abortion statements are no longer marketable to the majority of Americans, so the Democrats are attempting to couch their rhetoric between Bible verses and sanctimonious oratory about how important faith is in their lives (but it wasn’t worth mentioning until you asked, thank you very much.) Even Sen. “Citizen” Clinton is catching on. At a Boston fund-raising dinner in January, Hillary told a group of religious leaders that she has “always been a praying person” and cast a decidedly moderate pose by saying support for faith-based groups is perfectly constitutional.

Something is definitely up … but not what you might think.

Bluntly put, the latest political moves by the Democrats are nothing more than an attempt to put one foot in each camp on social issues like abortion. They pontificate about respecting the pro-life view and express their commitment to making abortions as rare as possible. Some, like Kerry, even go so far as to admit that life begins at conception. But peel back the rhetoric and look at each Democrat’s core and you will see a fierce loyalty to the pro-abortion political position.

Therein lies the problem with Madam Feldt’s explanation for why the American people rejected so many pro-abortion candidates during the last election. Despite what the “upperlings” at Planned Parenthood would prefer to think, their movement’s paltry showing at the polls wasn’t caused by weak rhetoric or John Kerry’s inability to string together a series of non-contradictory positions. To the contrary, Kerry and Edwards comprised the most pro-abortion presidential ticket in our nation’s 230-year history. Americans understood the pro-abortion position perfectly well … and they rejected it.

Our nation is tired of being one of only six countries in the world that place no restrictions on abortions, as pointed out by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Gloria Feldt and her ilk are having difficulty coming to terms with that reality. They are so deluded with the myth of America’s pro-choice majority that they must blame election losses on the candidates rather than the moral failings of abortion. They never ask why most Americans feel more comfortable with pro-life candidates, nor why science and morality are working in tandem against them. Why? Because the answers point to a reality they refuse to come to terms with: Abortion is a losing issue.

Democrat politicians realize this. They are beginning to offer up a “light” version of their abortion rhetoric in a plea for conservative votes, while continuing to support abortion on demand in America. But a cooled down approach to abortion doesn’t sit well with Gloria Feldt and her abortion allies, who view the procedure as the greatest thing since individually wrapped cheese slices.

That’s where the tender spot lies between Democrat politicians and the abortion industry, and the wound won’t be healed until both groups get a grip on why pro-abortion candidates lost so many races during the last election.

Particularly among the younger generation, our nation is no longer buying the lies peddled by Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America. Instead, we are adhering to a truth that instructs us in the blessings of building a culture of life. That truth leaves no room for the pro-abortionists, and their industry is destined for the sad ash heap of history.

David N. Bass is a 19-year-old Christian homeschool graduate who writes for World Newspaper Publishing and is a regular columnist at AmericanDaily.com, IntellectualConservative.com and RenewAmerica.us. While attending college, he interns at a pro-family public-policy organization. Bass is currently working on his first novel.

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