So now John Kerry has told both Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” and Don Imus on his morning MSNBC-broadcast radio show that he will sign Standard Form 180. But when? Sometime before 2008, when he has to run for re-election in Massachusetts for the Senate?

A group has formed to help Kerry out. Called “,” the group has created a website on which they have archived Standard Form 180, in PDF format. The group is calling for a campaign to flood Kerry’s Senate office with SF180s sent in from all over America. The website gives Kerry’s Washington office address and lists specific instructions for printing the SF180 and sending it in.

The site was created by Amanda Prewett Doss, the daughter of Vietnam veteran, Capt. Glen Prewett, and by Carol Gell Crowley, daughter of Vietnam veteran, Sgt. Jack Gell. At the “Kerry Lied” rally held by the Vietnam Veterans for the Truth during the 2004 presidential campaign, Carol Crowley gave a moving speech expressing her love for her father. Carol brought the large crowd assembled on the U.S. Capitol grounds to tears when she recalled how her father’s last words when dying from combat wounds in Vietnam were for his wife and family back home.

Then, in the Mel Gibson 2002 movie, “We Were Soldiers,” the story about the battle of the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam in 1965, known as the “Valley of Death,” a young Sgt. Jack Gell cried as he died, “Tell my wife I love her …” Carol saw the movie and lived all over again the anguish of losing her father in battle, fighting for freedom.

Amanda and Carol have issued a statement which expresses their strong opposition to Sen. Kerry’s 2004 presidential run:

It’s about honor, and John Kerry’s lack of it. It’s about betrayal of the worst kind. John Kerry gave aid and comfort to the enemy, while our troops lay dying on the battlefield. He betrayed his fellow military and his country. wants the senator held accountable. Read the site and you will see an argument that Kerry should be impeached for treason. The group wants support for launching impeachment proceedings to remove Kerry from the Senate. “This conflict will last as long as John Kerry remains a senator and poises himself to ever run again. To restore tranquility to the memories of the Vietnam War, John Kerry must be held accountable for his treasonous actions and statements, and efforts will continue to ensure that he does not whitewash. That is why we will not just go away.”

The group is sponsored by the online newspaper, U.S. Veteran Dispatch, whose publisher is Ted Sampley. There is no love lost between John Kerry and Ted Sampley. During the 2004 presidential campaign, Sampley, a Vietnam veteran, himself, got considerable notice for an encounter with presidential candidate John Kerry. Sampley invited Kerry to leave the area of “The Wall” and Kerry, in front of a public audience at the Memorial in Washington, D.C., replied by flipping Sampley the bird.

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