Washington arrives at work this morning as a report breaks that an unknown airplane fired a missile in the outskirts of Dailam in the Bushehr province, near the nuclear reactor just completed for the Iranians by the Russians.

As cell phones pass the word across the U.S., Israel denies any involvement in an attack.

What’s happening? A “shot across the bow” fired by the U.S. or Israel despite denials? A false report generated by the mullahs to win sympathy for their posturing as victims of another U.S.-led pre-emptive war?

In the first minutes after the report, the only clear conclusion is that the world is on edge anticipating war in Iran. An attack by Israel is the exact scenario warned by no one less than Vice President Cheney, clearly signaling to the mullahs that this time the U.S. and Israel are serious.

Yesterday, Silvan Shalom, Israel’s foreign minister told a London audience that the mullahs were six months away from having an atomic bomb – not six years, six months.

The question is not if the Iranians will have a nuclear bomb in 2009, 10 or 11,” Shalom said. “We believe that in six months from today they will end all tests and experiments,” that the “nightmare scenario” would be on the West by the end of this summer.

Most likely, Secretary of State Condi Rice let the Europeans know in words of one syllable that the U.S. was in no mood to accept another bogus agreement which in reality was a formula for the mullahs to cheat and lie.

If the EU-3 agreement was going to be taken seriously, the Iranians would have to do more than give their word that they wouldn’t develop a bomb. The mullahs would have to begin destroying their uranium enrichment capabilities. Let’s see the centrifuge plant buried at Natanz destroyed, otherwise it’s no-go on taking the mullahs word for it.

This the mullahs will never agree to do. The mullahs believe enriching uranium is within their rights as a nation. Truly, the mullahs believe having atomic weapons also falls within that right – no matter what they say to cover their positions. The mullahs in the final analysis are terrorists and terrorists lie by nature.

The other signs of war are clear in Lebanon. Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is assassinated by a massive car bomb in Beruit and the U.S. pulls our ambassador out of Syria. The methodology of the attack had Hexbollah written all over it. Hariri had made it clear that if he could return to power in Lebanon, he was going to demand that Syria withdraw its 40-50,000 troops out of Lebanon.

For decades, Lebanon has been a puppet state of Syria – all the while the Syrians have been in bed with the mullahs. Iran-Syria-Lebanon is the control formula that has allowed the mullahs to sponsor and fund Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based terrorist organization behind the suicide bombings in Israel. There is nothing Hezbollah and Hamas would like to do more than to throw a monkey wrench into the peace talks recently concluded between the Mahmoud Abbas, the new president of the Palestinian Authority, and the Israelis.

The mullahs have sworn death to Israel, and they mean it. Tehran has no intention of releasing the Syrian hold on Lebanon or relinquishing their murderous direction of Hezbollah. A newly announced Syrian-Iranian alliance is the not-so-subtle response to the American toughening of the EU-3 negotiating position.

What is the message from the mullahs? Attack us and you will fight both Syria and Iran. Will this deter President Bush or Prime Minister Sharon? Most likely not. The stakes are too high. One atom bomb exploded over Tel Aviv destroys Israel as a viable nation. Israel has sworn “never again,” and the Israelis mean it.

Today’s report of a possible missile strike near Bushehr is unlikely to be the start of war against Iran, but that day is rapidly approaching.

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