Adelphia, the large cable company that began this month to offer hard-core pornographic movies on its system, has stopped the practice and backed off its plans.

“Some concern has been expressed over this type of adult programming. Adelphia will remove it from all of its systems,” the Denver Post quotes Adelphia spokesman Paul Jacobson as saying.

Earlier this month, Adelphia, the fifth-largest cable provider, began offering the porn to its Southern California markets. In response, several pro-family organizations, including the American Family Association and Concerned Women for America, began campaigns to target the company. Those groups now are declaring victory.

Said Robert Knight, director of CWA’s Culture & Family Institute, in a statement: “It’s a good start and a reaction to public outcry. Now, they should get rid of the other pornography on their system as well.”

AFA had urged supporters to contact President Bush and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, urging them to have the Justice Department begin “obscenity prosecution” against the company.

“This stuff is illegal. Obscenity is not protected under the First Amendment,” Knight said. “We’d give Adelphia a pat on the back, except that they should not have planned to break the law in the first place. Nobody who peddles porn cares a whit about women and children, or the men who get addicted and destroy their marriages and families.”

AFA hailed the 130,000 e-mails that went to the Justice Department due to its efforts.

“We made the Justice Department fully aware of Adelphia’s hard-core pornography,” said Randy Sharp, director of special projects for AFA. “Did the DOJ become involved? We don’t know for sure. What we do know is that distribution of obscenity is a crime and Adelphia evidently recognized that too.”

Continued Sharp: “The boldness of mainstream cable companies to even consider offering this type of material is an indication that more vigorous law enforcement is needed from the top levels of government.”

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