Kofi Annan and the United Nations have said and done some pretty outrageous things in the past.

But when the U.N. secretary general told the world last week that the terrorist organization Hezbollah is a legitimate political entity in Lebanon worthy of recognition by other nations, he made it clear once again that he is an amoral leader ready, willing and able to compromise with evil.

Why would Annan say this? What is the justification?

“If I read the message on the placards they are using – they are talking about non-interference by outsiders … which is not entirely at odds with the Security Council resolution, that there should be withdrawal of Syrian troops,” he explained.

Annan was talking about the massive pro-Syrian rally by Hezbollah in Beirut. The purpose of the demonstration by Hezbollah was to persuade Syria not to withdraw from Lebanon. Yet Annan chose to disregard the real message of the protest in favor of reading signs carefully prepared in English with the intention of deceiving world opinion about Hezbollah’s true aims.

As I mentioned last week, Hezbollah needs to be viewed as an occupying force in Lebanon. It is an Iranian-backed, Iranian-led, Iranian-equipped, Iranian-inspired, Iranian-armed terrorist group occupying large areas within the country. It is not an indigenous popular movement of the Lebanese people.

But because they have the power of arms, Annan says they must be recognized.

“We need to recognize that they are a force in society that one will have to factor in as we implement the resolution,” he explained.

How about giving the Lebanese people the opportunity to implement their own resolution free of force by foreign occupying powers?

Once again, this moral failure by Annan and the United Nations illustrates just how evil this global body is. U.N. leaders come and go, but the institution remains a force for evil in the world – one that rewards brute force, equates tyrants with elected leaders, appeases terrorism and compromises the sovereignty of independent, self-governing nations.

Why do we in the United States continue to support this evil organization? Why do we tolerate it, condone it or dismiss it merely as a harmless international debating society?

It’s time for Americans to make a courageous stand for liberty by breaking the bonds that tie us to the United Nations.

In the spirit of 1776, it’s time for us to declare our independence once again.

If the United States truly wants to be that “shining city on a hill” to inspire the rest of the world toward freedom and self-government, it’s time to start by kicking the United Nations out of the United States and withdrawing our membership and support.

Are these just empty and hollow words? Do you think it’s impossible to achieve such a goal? Is the game so international, so rigged already that Americans don’t really have a voice?

I don’t think so.

I believe the idea of getting out of the United Nations is popular with the American people. I believe if they really thought it was achievable, they would rally around the cause. I believe they need to be inspired and convinced that this needs to be a top priority in the cause of redeeming our own system of self-government and independence.

And I believe I see a way for this to happen – right now.

There is an organization spearheading such a movement. It’s called Move America Forward, and it is run by two people with successful track records in overcoming big odds in creating successful, grass-roots, popular movements. Howard Kaloogian and Melanie Morgan, both of California, led the successful recall of Gov. Gray Davis. Now they are focusing their energies on the cause of getting the United Nations out of the United States.

All they need to reach critical mass with this movement is your help.

Go to their website. Sign their petitions. See the TV commercials they are sponsoring on TV stations and networks from coast to coast. Make a donation to spread the word through these spots that touch people with simple and compelling 60-second messages.

It’s time for a second declaration of independence. It’s time to renew our nation’s commitment to sovereignty and freedom and self-government. It’s time to end our support of the United Nations.

Check out Move America Forward’s website now.

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