If you were going to rig a national election in a foreign police state, whom would you want to lead the international observers?

For me, the answer is easy – Jimmy Carter.

Mr. See-No-Evil, Hear-No-Evil and Speak-No-Evil – at least when it comes to totalitarian police states.

Carter has personally placed his seal of approval as an “impartial,” international election monitor on the following elections:

  • The first Palestinian vote of 1996, in which Yasser Arafat claimed 88 percent of the vote running against an unknown woman. He was joined there by election observers from pillars of self-government such as China, Egypt and Jordan. Carter certified Arafat as the legitimate winner of the election and declared on the basis of his omniscience that the will of the people had been expressed.

  • In 2003, Carter was in Nigeria to observe the re-election of President Olusegun Obasanjo. By sheer coincidence, Carter’s good friend Andrew Young, a former Cabinet member in his administration, happened to be on the payroll of Obasanjo. Young profited immensely and personally from the relationship, including taking commissions from the purchase of the president’s executive jet. Young was known as Obasanjo’s gatekeeper. Nigerians seeking political appointments were forced to travel to Atlanta to court Young’s approval. Carter himself was a personal friend of Obasanjo.

  • More recently, Carter oversaw the Venezuelan national elections won by Fidel Castro wannabee Hugo Chavez, a supporter of Iran and international terrorism. Even though there were widespread claims of irregularities in the vote, Carter put his blessing on it.

Despite his experience overseeing these fine examples of foreign elections and his approval of them, Carter has little confidence in Americans to conduct free and fair elections.

In a Washington Post column last September, Carter wrote that he is often asked why he doesn’t monitor the 2004 election in Florida, given the controversies of 2000. Carter’s flip answer was that “some basic international requirements for a fair election are missing in Florida” – namely, a trusted, non-partisan official in charge of conducting the voting process and uniformity in voting procedures.

I guess what he meant was that he couldn’t find anyone to pay him or his friends to conduct the election. Either that or Carter and his friends didn’t get to pick the winner in advance.

I raise all this history about Carter and election monitoring because this phony – this morally bankrupt, international fixer – is being sought by the Syrian-backed regime in Lebanon to “observe” the important national elections in May.

In fact, Premier-Designate Omar Karami reversed Lebanon’s official rejection of international observers to monitor the parliamentary elections in the spring once he and his Syrian friends learned Carter was available for the job.

Carter heads a private “human rights organization” called the Carter Center, which monitors elections worldwide. So far, all 50 of the foreign elections Carter has monitored have one thing in common – all the elections were certified as free and fair.

Don’t be surprised to see Carter invited to North Korea soon to monitor the re-election of Kim Jong-Il. Judging from Carter’s track record, the tyrant would have nothing to worry about.

Likewise, Syria knows it has nothing to worry about with Carter on the job.

Carter, the man who pulled the rug out from under the shah of Iran and paved the way for Tehran’s mullah regime, is getting ready to put the fix in again for the Syrian-backed and mullah-backed puppets in Lebanon.

The Lebanese people must reject Carter as an international observer. He is not a sincere voice for free and fair elections. He is a political operative with an agenda of his own.

In 1980, facing election defeat at the hands of Ronald Reagan, documents found in the Soviet archives show a desperate Carter sought the Kremlin’s help in securing his second term.

I won’t say Carter can’t be trusted. In fact, he can be. He can be trusted to do the wrong thing almost every time.

And that’s why he needs to be kept out of Lebanon this spring.

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