How many times have we heard female politicians bleat about “women’s issues” during elections? How many times have we heard the old chant about “empowering women” from female members of Congress? The feminization of Congress and our state legislatures is destroying constitutional government, running America into oceans of unpayable debt and breeding generations of helpless women, whining for mother government to take care of them and their every need.

The U.S. Constitution, specifically Article 1, Section 8, specifically enumerates the only areas where Congress can legislate. There are no “women’s issues” in that section of the Constitution. That eliminates education, altering the Second Amendment, after-school programs, studies for breast feeding, child care and a thousand other areas where women in elected office have been unconstitutionally introducing and passing bills for decades. The resultant laws have saddling all of us with unpayable debt.

Should women serve in Congress and state legislatures? Yes, but only if they have a full education on the historical founding of this republic, the Constitution and the restrictions it places on them as lawmakers. They also need to leave their hormones and maternal instincts at home. There isn’t a single female member of Congress who doesn’t daily violate her oath of office because she has no concept or understanding of constitutional government. They legislate for “the sisterhood.”

Let me give you just one example of a woman in Congress who wouldn’t know the U.S. Constitution if it were read to her line by line: Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y. Tragically, in 1993, her husband and son were shot on a commuter train by someone with a gun who went over the edge. Her husband died. Of course this is a terrible, terrible thing to happen in anyone’s life. However, McCarthy then ran for Congress on an anti-Second Amendment platform. Since her election (she’s in her fifth term), McCarthy has used her personal tragedy to continue her assault on my Second Amendment rights.

Other examples are women who have come from a disadvantaged background who get up in front of struggling women voters and promise all those “soccer moms” and the poor that mother government will look after their needs. These women then get elected, and the first thing they do is play mommy by introducing legislation that is unconstitutional and breeds women into dependence upon “mother government.” Gus Hall, long time head of the Communist Party USA, said back in a 1996 interview with the Cleveland Plain-Dealer: “Socialism in America will come through the ballot box.” He was right, and the feminization of American politics has hastened the process.

Women getting elected by promising to legislate “women’s issues” has been a disaster. By promising all these married and single working mothers everything from free child care, after-school programs, free medical and hundreds of billions of dollars of unconstitutional dollars in social welfare programs, these hormone-driven legislators are breeding generations of women who are not being “empowered”; they are being turned into whining, gimmee-gimmee females, helpless to taking care of themselves, never mind the children they are birthing.

The same thing is going on in state legislatures around the country, although there are a couple dozen stand-out women in state legislatures, particularly Utah. These mothers and grandmothers are coming into public office and allowing their hormones and backgrounds to influence them into introducing and voting for unlawful legislation, and the gutless men in these bodies are letting them get away with it to get the “women’s vote” in November.

I have a friend who is what I consider an “empowered” woman. While Teri can shoot better than I (which I don’t hold against her) and is a martial arts expert like her husband, she’s also very attractive, has a wonderful marriage and like me, would never ask you to pay for our obligations in life via unconstitutional legislation. In other words, Teri is truly empowered because she is the master of her own destiny. “Empowering women” is a stupid term that does just the opposite. I see these feminists and dependent women all the time in my travels. They are ignorant of the law and hate themselves as women. They work real hard at trying to change Mother Nature, and it’s been a dismal failure. Life is a tough road, no doubt about it. But, feminizing government is a failed disaster and has done nothing except promote laziness and dependency in women who look up to these female lawbreakers.

Every woman currently serving in the U.S. Congress needs to be thrown out of office in 2006 because they are all, without exception, guilty of violating their oath of office. Women in this country need to take a hard look at their own behavior and choices in life before asking for someone else to fund their mistakes. Women who think government is there to provide for their needs and replace a husband are only enslaving themselves and their children, and are binding themselves to a lifetime of debt and a slave mentality instead of being independent and self-reliant.

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