A handful of Democrats decided late yesterday to begin to leverage the life of Terri Schiavo in an attempt to win concessions on certain provisions of other Senate action. The move was a despicable example of the level to which the Senate Democrats are willing to stoop to try to salvage some sort of achievement in the 2005 session.

Terri’s family lobbied hard this week for the passage of the Incapacitated Person’s Legal Protection Act. The two bills – identical in language – were fast-tracked through both sides of Congress in light of the looming deadline of Terri’s court-ordered removal of her feeding tube today. Terri’s parents and brother watched with delight late on Wednesday evening as the legislation passed with lightening quick ease in the House of Representatives. Then late yesterday afternoon it appeared the hope of passage in the Senate began to fade.

“I don’t know what happened; we thought we had Senator Schumer’s support, but it seems to have evaporated,” stated a notably tired and frustrated Bob Schindler – the brother of Terri Schiavo.

Schindler made the comments late in the day yesterday on my radio show.

When asked what the delay was caused by, Schindler just expressed mystery:

“I’m not sure. We lobbied senators all week and thought we had the support of senators like Mr. Schumer, but today, a small handful, including Mr. Reid and Mr. Schumer, have decided to hold out their support for saving my sister, and innocent woman, from death by starvation.”

Outraged, my listeners began to ring the phones in Sen. Schumer’s and Sen. Reid’s offices urging quick passage of “Terri’s Law.”

As I began to investigate the issue, it became increasingly obvious what was happening.

According to my sources on Capitol Hill, senators have become quite vexed with big GOP wins this week on items like the right to drill in Alaska for oil, the passage of numerous measures like bankruptcy reform and the looming and nearly certain “constitutional option” to stop the unprecedented and unconstitutional use of procedural filibusters to halt judicial nominees from being allowed to receive a vote on the Senate floor.

According to the same sources, a handful of U.S. senators have taken it under advisement to leverage “Terri’s Law,” which clearly appeals to pro-life voters across the country, against other measures that include budgetary items.

So to Democrats – some of whom looked Terri’s family in the eye and said “we’re with you” – their word means nothing, and instead they will resort to delaying legislation that would save an innocent woman from a cruel, slow, torturous death by starvation.

Senators like Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer were the ones my sources identified as being the primary instigators in the “Terri’s Life for Budget Items” hostage situation.

Eventually, the Senate did pass a much different bill than what the House had passed. The reason they did no doubt was because of concerned Americans in red and blue states speaking up. Unfortunately, the bill that was passed is so considerably different that the race is on now to see if a compromise bill can be crafted between the House and Senate versions.

The Democrats’ shameless budget stunt is no doubt to blame for the considerable delay and chaos now created by the distinctive difference in the two bills.

Reid and Schumer were also busy this week calling the president a dictator. On Tuesday, Reid threatened to shut down the operations of the U.S. Senate if the Republicans sought to move the process of getting judicial nominees voted on back in line with traditional constitutional processes. “Braveheart Reid” moderated his position on Wednesday, saying that he didn’t want to shut down Senate operations.

Nonetheless, it is readily apparent that these senators and the rest of the “handful” that are willing to trip up Terri’s future over what amounts to be an entirely partisan battle on the budget, seems to send the message that for Democrats, party position is literally more important than the lives of “we the people” who elected them.

Each of their offices can be reached at 202-224-3121. It would seem appropriate at this truly 11th hour of Terri’s struggle, that each senator hear from you regarding your thoughts on the value of saving an innocent woman from a cruel death. It seems diabolical that these senators care no more for the life of an innocent woman than the ordering of paper clips and copier toner.

I pray that the voices of America rise up to save this woman’s life. I also pray that our action to light a fire under these senators does not come a moment too late.

Call now! 202-224-3121.

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