How to defeat the American Civil Liberties Union – the powerful legal group founded by communists, which defends child-molesters and pornographers while attacking Christians and the Boy Scouts – is the sole focus of a special edition of WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine. And today only, WND readers can get this blockbuster expose of the ACLU – totally FREE!

Titled “EXTORTION! How the ACLU is destroying America using your money,” this special issue reveals the ACLU’s origin, funding, supporters, true agenda, and much more – including revelations rarely or never before seen in print.

Among the ACLU’s recent activities have been its lawsuit to have the 10 Commandments removed from Judge Roy Moore’s courthouse, its legal intimidation of the U.S. Defense Department into ending its sponsorship of Boy Scout troops, and its many lawsuits aimed at outlawing Christmas displays in public places.

Last week, the Boy Scouts of America announced it is pulling the charters of thousands of scouting units from American public schools to avoid facing lawsuits threatened by the ACLU.

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  • “EXTORTION! How the ACLU is destroying America using your money.”

    Though most Americans have heard some of the legal horror stories, very few understand what the ACLU really is, how it operates, what its real agenda is, and where it gets the massive funding that fuels its constant lawsuits and intimidation strategies.

    This special Whistleblower issue, perhaps for the first time, rips open this powerful organization and shows how it uses little-known laws, threats and extortionist tactics to legally wrest money from its victims – especially the unwilling taxpayer. Most importantly, it shows how Americans can actually fight back and defeat the ACLU.


    This is a definitive, once-and-for-all, legal and historical refutation of the fiction that the Constitution was intended to prohibit or infringe on freedom of religious expression – whether at home, church, school or in the public square.

    “It’s a myth,” said WND Editor and founder Joseph Farah, “and this issue of Whistleblower slam-dunks the case proving that’s all it is.”

    Starting with the famous 1801 letter written by the Baptists of Danbury, Conn., to newly elected President Thomas Jefferson – and Jefferson’s brief response, in which he coined the phrase “a wall of separation between church and state” to assure his constituents that the new Constitution would not establish a national church or otherwise infringe on their religious liberties – this special Whistleblower edition attacks the church-state issue from every conceivable angle.

  • “AMERICA DEFENSELESS: Our civil defense policies are designed to ensure the safety of government officials and their families. So where does that leave the rest of us?”

    This special Whistleblower issue documents the disturbing story of how the U.S. government abandoned its former program of national defense of American citizens, and why both missile defenses and a comprehensive civil defense shelter system are needed now more than ever before.

  • “INVASION USA! How America’s disastrous immigration policy has welcomed terror and cultural revolution.”

    America has thrown open its national doors and laid out the welcome mat for murderers, revolutionaries and terrorist sleeper agents, according to this edition of Whistleblower.

  • “ABORTION: The 30-Year War”

    “This issue of Whistleblower is shattering,” said WND’s Joseph Farah. “I don’t think the reality of abortion and the surrounding issues have ever been communicated in a more compelling way. The story laid out here is comprehensive, documented, gut-wrenching and totally, undeniably, scandalously true. You simply won’t be the same after you read it.”

    Controversial, explosive, truthful

    Each monthly edition of WND’s popular Whistleblower magazine tackles a single topic – a controversial, often explosive, and almost always politically incorrect topic, but one of immense importance to the lives of Americans.

    The March issue – titled “DIVORCE WARS: What’s really behind America’s epidemic of family breakdown?” – is devoted, cover-to-cover, to a stunning journalistic exploration of marriage and divorce.

    Whereas 40 years ago divorce was rare and families essentially remained intact, today divorce is almost expected, with one out of every two marriages disintegrating before our eyes. For Christians, the numbers are no better.

    In this issue, Whistleblower delves into the world of divorce and shows with clarity and compassion exactly how and why America has become a land of broken families and hurt children.

    From radical feminism to no-fault divorce laws, from the “sexual revolution” of the ’60s to today’s drive for same-sex marriage, this issue of Whistleblower ties together all of the factors that have caused the disintegration of the American family, and most importantly, points to real solutions – both practical and inspiring.

    This special offer for 5 FREE issues of Whistleblower – including the groundbreaking “EXTORTION” issue on countering the ACLU – is good only until 10 p.m. Pacific tonight. Note: This offer is only good for orders shipped within the United States.

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