The Republican Party via its National Committee has proudly announced it is reaching out to African-Americans – as if this is comparable to reaching out to the old Soviet Union or President Nixon’s going to China.

In my opinion, the recent press release announcing the implementation of the newly formed African-American Advisory Council is as ill-fated as the now defunct League of Nations.

It is time for the Republican Party to stop being disingenuous. The party has nothing to apologize for nor be ashamed of, and we should stop groveling. But I digress. The party is being disingenuous because its main concern is sending the Democrat Party into the vacuous abyss of “there once was a party called.”

The Republican leadership is acutely aware that for the first time in decades they have the potential to accomplish just such a thing. A black vote increase of 7 to 10 percentage points across the board nationally for Republicans and the Democrat Party might as well rename itself Brontosaurus, because the only trace of it will be fossil remains and the memory that said party sanctioned the wholesale slaughter of the innocent unborn.

Let me hasten to add: I support such an outcome. I do not support, however, the method Ken Mehlman and the party are employing. As I have repeatedly argued, we must reach out to all of America; reaching out to African-Americans as a sub-group is wrong and incalculably myopic.

It does nothing but further the racial divide, further assuage the recalcitrant that they are correct, suggest we as a party have a record to be ashamed of, and support the inculcated liberal dogma that blacks are somehow different than the rest of America.

It furthers the idea that Americans of color are a sub-group unable to reason without the paternal assistance of Big Brother. This is certainly not what George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglass or Martin Luther King espoused.

Because Mehlman and the party are intent upon reaching out to African-Americans, we see racial conflicts and posturing already. We see fiefdoms of blackness boasting the heretofore pejorative “Republican,” but with black or African-American moniker, thus designating a continued self-segregating.

My caution may fall on deaf ears, but if President Bush and company are truly committed to reaching out to all Americans, this methodology has the least chance of success. If on the other hand they are simply interested in delivering the deathblow to the Democrat Party, this approach is mostly perfect. It provides the social construct that, sadly, so many blacks desire.

They get to demand access, money and seats at the table, while remaining steadfastly self-segregated. Evidence the Concerned Black Conservatives’ recent complaint that the Republican Party spent more money on white outreach than black.

Evidence also Wayne Perryman’s assertions that he should have a more prominent role in the aforementioned African-American Advisory Council, because, as he argues, his book played a pivotal role in converting black Democrats to black Republicans. Perryman further alleges that Republicans will not support books by black authors as they support books by Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. And these examples are just the tip of the racial iceberg.

What Bush, Mehlman and company must do is disregard an African-American Advisory Council that amounts to nothing more than bragging rights for its members. They must bombard urban radio and television stations that have a high black viewership. They need to buy billboards and hold town hall meetings. But most of all they need to be brutally honest.

We need to destroy the lies that the Republican Party is anti-black with the truth – not with the Republican version of Democrat giveaways.

The Republican Party does indeed have a historic opportunity to bring all people into the fold, people who are open and desirous of being a part of an integral component, not just an adjunct engaging in self-segregation.

We also have the rare opportunity to sound the death knell for the Democrat Party. But pandering to people who hate your guts even after you’ve enriched their coffers is a variant form of Luddite mentality.

We must be a party that represents all Americans because they are Americans, not because they are intent on sub-group status.

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