Bush daughters in mock image in Maxim (Note: This image has been extensively cropped to make appropriate for a family newssite)

Maxim magazine, known for its risqu? photographs of scantily clad women, is now taking on the twin daughters of President Bush in an April Fool’s prank.

In its April edition, which debuted Tuesday, Jenna and Barbara Bush are shown depicted in lingerie, as if they had just had a massive pillow fight, with feathers streaming down around them.

The first paragraph reads: “Born Nov. 25, 1981, this Texas twosome burst into the public eye and our dirtiest dreams – right after Daddy moved into the Oval Office.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, the publication was working on a new “girl page.”

“We thought, ‘Who should we prank?'” Maxim executive editor James Heindery told the paper. “How do you make a girl page and make it a prank? We had to watch our p’s and q’s. We certainly don’t want to step on some people’s toes, but it seemed like the Bush twins was the first suggestion that everybody threw out. And we thought there was little chance that we would get in too much trouble because I don’t think their father would ever want to talk about this.”

The image is really a combined illustration of actual photos of the faces of the Bush girls, but 25 models were used with some 75 photos taken to help make a realistic match for the rest of their bodies.

“We definitely tried to be realistic and not put stick figures on them,” Heindery said. The magazine doesn’t pretend the image is real, though, as it labels it “100% fake.”

Despite some coverage of the twins in connection with underage drinking and making faces at the media, there has not been an abundance of stories about them, especially in the wake of a warning from President Bush.

“We took [the warning] into consideration,” Heindery told the Chronicle. “But first of all, the girls made news themselves with their antics. Also when [President Bush] brought them along the campaign trail [in 2004] and had them speak at the convention, it made them fair game.”

The press secretary for first lady Laura Bush offered a “no comment” after seeing the image via e-mail.

As WND reported, a doctored image recently made headlines in connection with Newsweek magazine.

For a story about Martha Stewart’s new “makeover” as she prepared to leave prison, Newsweek created a cover photo using the homemaking maven’s face but someone else’s slim body.

The story said that while Stewart and her media empire face many challenges, prison has been good for business and her figure, helping melt worry lines and about 20 pounds.

Regarding the Bush daughters, Heindery told the Chronicle: “We haven’t gotten any blow-back [yet]. I think like any good American, they should take [the] joke in stride.”

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